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  1. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied 457 Rework

    Allowing him to walk through doors like SCP 106 (he is a man made of pure fire, he'd just melt through most doors) EXCEPT for blast doors (which are definitely fireproof) SCP-457 is about 1000 degrees based on his CC's monitor. I don't even think there is a material that resists 1000 degrees...
  2. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Accepted Orange Suit Authorization Change

    + Soup, let all SL+ be able to deploy Orange Suit (I've never even seen Orange Suit ever. Schrodinger's job)
  3. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Adding Scp-3114 From Secret lab

    Considering Space Man, 8854, 7722, and all of the other original & really cool SCPs... Let's just get a new SCP!!! 🗣️🗣️🗣️
  4. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied SCP-8837 Balancing tweaks

    1. Blackhole can be destroyed with an anchor + by shooting it, - Support to that. ERT should be entirely immune to blackhole. 2. So long as the energy cost is brought down too, not the worst idea. 3. Not necessary HP should be lowered too. Literally just a better TG at the moment, cannot be...
  5. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Add SCP-207 "The Cola Bottle"

    300% is insane scout + 076 get 120%. Would be nice if there were was only 1 per restart.
  6. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied SCP-323 Rework "Goat-man"

    323 is a stalker if a stalker SCP gets swarmed for being out of position, skill issue
  7. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied SCP-323 Rework "Goat-man"

    - Soup 323 is good if you play like Michael Myers from DBD
  8. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Restore E-11's hacking notification to pre-update.

    Fair points are being brought up, and I'm highly glad most forums users can agree that this is primary just an US E-11 skill issue, but 90% of yall aren't reading the post- I've never been in E-11. Nor a single other regiment. I've only played SCP & Research.
  9. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Accepted Allow ERT to heal back to 600 HP

    - Soup This has never been a problem before. New SCPs are obviously busted, but they will be fixed. Damage done to ERT should be permanent, they have altogether combined around 5000 effective HP that you can only really slowly chip away at as most SCPs besides glass cannons (076-2, TG, 049...
  10. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Restore E-11's hacking notification to pre-update.

    I've never been in E-11 . Ever. I only play RP jobs & SCPs primarily; in fact I primarily play 035 ironically enough. Fair point. If this isn't accepted, I'd love that as someone who literally only benefits from this recent E-11 nerf, but E-11 has been the sameish for around 6-12 months, they...
  11. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Restore E-11's hacking notification to pre-update.

    What does this suggestion change/add/remove: Reverts the hacking notification to pre-update as soon as possible for server health. This will make it so that instead of E-11 just getting a general notification to where a hack is happening, they will receive an exact location of where a hack is...
  12. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Nerf SCP-082

    + SOUP Devs, sorry, but how did yall even let this happen AND WHY DOES HE HAVE THE BOOMER MODEL, THERE'S AN ACTUAL 082 PM IN THE CONTENT PACK RN-
  13. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied SCP-173: Jailbreak SWEP

    What does this suggestion change/add/remove: Gives SCP-173 a separate SWEP, a "Jailbreak" SWEP so to speak, that has a stored energy system that charges from damage taken, yet loses 500/15000 charge per second when 5 seconds have passed where 173 has not actively taking damage. If SCP-173 takes...
  14. Caesar Kuznetsov

    [USA] Executive Researcher Application : DINO HERNANDEZ

    Bad history, but its been so long it doesn't matter. Clearly you really wanna do this, and you did some great shit, soooo + SOUP
  15. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Nu-7 Medic Buff

    At some point can we all just collectively agree that forced medical roleplay does not and has never contributed anything in any meaningful capacity? It's an SCP server, medical leadership are great and all but it is just not necessary on surface. The RP can be really good, but making people go...
  16. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Give SGM's back their sit calling function

    who cooked the coding on this lmao + Soupart
  17. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied New Scp (Idea) however i need to ask if its possible to add a new Scp?

    - Soup looks too much like SCP-096 and 939 did a fusion dance to take it seriously
  18. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Ze' case of ze' 079: Get him his tool back. Get rid of his unfun turbine spam.

    There's always constantly reworks on the way, but Cloak specifically said last community meeting that no full on SCP reworks were even close to being on the way. Not only is it not even in the dev tracker, but additionally, I haven't even heard mention of it on forums... I'd rather something...
  19. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Ze' case of ze' 079: Get him his tool back. Get rid of his unfun turbine spam.

    That, uh... That was the point of the uh... Suggestion there skippy
  20. Caesar Kuznetsov

    Denied Ze' case of ze' 079: Get him his tool back. Get rid of his unfun turbine spam.

    What does this suggestion change/add/remove: - Gives SCP-079 access to his previously held Breach Tool SWEP. - Whenever 079 enters the turbine room, it TPs him back to his CC (not RC, just to prevent any risk of a hack. Think of a containment blocker but on crack). Has something similar been...