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  1. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Pyrite's ECA Application

    Sigma +support
  2. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Bolt's GM Appeal

  3. Conor mc gee

    Callums / 'D' :: Leaving.

  4. Conor mc gee

    (UK) Puzzle's Special Agent Application (UK)

    Major +Support +Very active +Very friendly +Mature +Amazing at EVERYTHING Would be a GREAT Spc Agent. Good luck!
  5. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Engallagher Kazimieras Ludenberg's Executive Application

    Major +Support Was An amazing DoR in my e11 days
  6. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Avery's Staff Application (5)

    Erm what +Support Meow Edit: very professional nowadays
  7. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Revolutionary's 096 Application

    +Support Is a fish Is a lobster Is a crab Is a seal Is a urchin Is a jelly fish Edit: forgor to say Is also the shark from jaws
  8. Conor mc gee

    323 glitch

    What's the 323 glitch? (I'm a UK player)
  9. Conor mc gee

    Denied Banana Bread

    Same. +Support
  10. Conor mc gee

    Conor mc gee's SCP-22415 Application [UK]

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:630449071 Discord name: conormcgee For how long have you played on CN SCP: roughly like 6-8 months I think Age: 14 In what country are you located?: Ireland ?? Time zone: GMT Character name(s): Foundation: Conor mc gee[DB-L] CI: Conor mc "Squeaker"[MRU-MT] Civilian name: I...
  11. Conor mc gee

    Favorite things said in SCPRP

  12. Conor mc gee

    Content Suggestion Faction Vehicle Addition

    Actually the lav uses a 25 mm M242 Bushmaster autocannon ?
  13. Conor mc gee

    Thank you for everything

    Wait jonny left CN as a whole!? Dawn o7 W everything
  14. Conor mc gee

    Goodbye Civil networks

    Bruh where did dea Sr agent brayan go ?
  15. Conor mc gee

    Goodbye uk...

  16. Conor mc gee

    Denied Give GOI surface Medics Smoke grenades

    I agree with some what of you say, the l85 isn't terrible but it would be for all GoIs not just nu7.
  17. Conor mc gee

    Denied Give GOI surface Medics Smoke grenades

    What does this suggestion change/add/remove: It would give MTF Nu-7, UNGOC and CI medics smoke grenades. (Short but theres not much else to it : | ) Has something similar been suggested before? If so, why is your suggestion different?: Not that I could find Possible Positives of the suggestion...
  18. Conor mc gee

    Favorite things said in SCPRP

    @Nate Mercer / 'Tactician'
  19. Conor mc gee

    PAC Approved [UK] Researcher PAC3 request

    +Support Can be easily identified as a researcher
  20. Conor mc gee

    [UK] Kayla's Staff Application

    +Support +Active, friendly and mature +Would be a great staff member