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  1. ERaven

    Denied Elastics for CM

    Whilst I disagree with the reasons in the suggestion having elastic cuffs would allow CMs to drag downed combative personnel out of danger to heal them safely.
  2. ERaven

    [UK] Benji's IA Ambassador Application

    You say over 1000 hours ingame. how many do you have on CN, please can you send a screenshot of your monthly vtime and the one year achievement
  3. ERaven

    What would you do If you saw a picture of SCP-096?

    Die most likely
  4. ERaven

    [UK] Ella Rayman SA app #2

    Was just informed on this. should be solved now, didnt realise that when i remade the lore document i didnt re-enable sharing. Thank you.
  5. ERaven

    [UK] Ella Rayman SA app #2

    Thank you all for the support! Sorry, i dont like the look of large lists with a mix of bullet points and paragraphs so will try find a better way in the future SOUP!!!!!
  6. ERaven

    [UK] Ella Rayman SA app #2

    Why are you applying for Site advisor? I am applying for site advisor after a year of holding a multitude of Jr. Clearance level 4 positions it is finally time to step up to Site administration and the position of senior level 4. I also believe that at the current time I would be a valued...
  7. ERaven

    Tim Drake's Site Director Application SCP-RP UK

    Massive + Support. Most active and present member of SA at the moment all the experience needed to make an excellent site director.
  8. ERaven

    Partially Accepted [US/UK] Give IA Max Armor and an Ammo Box at Spawn

    + support UK IA already have ammo why not add that to the US server and give us armour as well
  9. ERaven

    [UK] Checkers Special Agent Application

    Massive + Support I only see good work from Checkers ever since taking him on for Operation Ablia
  10. ERaven

    [UK] Ella "Rose" Rayman Site Advisor Application

    Why are you applying for Site Advisor? I am applying for Site Advisor as i wish to further my progress within the foundation and prepare me for the future steps I might take. I believe that with all my previous experiences I am more than a suitable candidate. I have worked alongside members of...
  11. ERaven

    Fear Well everyone and i hope you have a great day

    You were a great agent and im sad to see you go
  12. ERaven

    Steve Gunderson's Executive Researcher App [Uk]

    Massive + support. Everything ive seen in regards to steve on research has been great and devoted to the rp. Definitely fit for exec
  13. ERaven

    Denied Change door CL in interrogation

    Massive + support. So many people onsite have a cl3 job and the amount of people that just come and release their friends who have just been arrested is ridiculous
  14. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    Thank you for the feedback. In regards to this, it is something i am working on. The reason for not using my mic often is due to other stuff that goes on in my house that isnt good if it was overheard. However I have recently gotten a better mic to sort this and am going to start using it more...
  15. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    Thank you for the feedback, I too feel that leadership and management abilities are an area on which I can improve, however I also wish to make the case that my current positions are all ones that really struggle to thoroughly prove this as well, Part of the reason I created AIA was to show...
  16. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    I wasnt aware that this was the case lol, I used thorn due to the current codename being “rose” I wasnt aware that it was the same person as I think I have only interacted with thorn once in almost a year.
  17. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    I have been due to working in theatre, christmas and early in the year are extremely busy, I usually average about 6/7 hours a week at minimum
  18. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    i can try get one tomorrow, there is currently a bed in the way of my pc atm but will update it as soon as possible
  19. ERaven

    [UK] O5-4 "The Thorn"

    What O5 role are you applying for, and why (give the specific O5 number): I am applying for the currently open position of O5-4. I am applying for a couple of reasons, the first being that I want to prove to myself and others that I have what it takes to hold a CL5 position as well as a role...
  20. ERaven

    [UK] Ella "Rose" Rayman DoIA Application

    Why are you applying for Director of Internal Affairs: The first reason I am applying for Director of Internal Affairs is to increase the RP within the department. This process has been started with the introduction of the new subdivision within IA. Whilst this group has not had much of an...