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  1. Michael J

    Discord Ban Apeal

    Your Discord name & tag: Jackson Steenberg/okyes What server is this for, Network, DarkRP, SCP or MRP?: MRP Permanent Discord ID (see format thread for help): .okyes Date of ban (if known): 03/04/2024 Reason for ban (if known): posted the i wanna be ur vacuum cleaner doofy face video Who...
  2. Michael J

    Aspen's SC Application

    -Support, basicly what everyone else has said and on the previous apps. also the being bad at flying isnt really a relivent weakness and seems more like a filler. Also you say on your strengths is alright war leading but then on your weaknesses its that your not the best at leading war?
  3. Michael J

    Denied Bring back USSR

    MASSIVE +SUPPORT bring back KGB and corruption
  4. Michael J

    Denied give sas more slots for sniper job

  5. Michael J

    Aspen's SC Application

    -support it appears that you haven't changed so nah
  6. Michael J

    Toomas' SC Application

    +support В принципе, то, что сказали все остальные
  7. Michael J

    Denied PC + RMP/AOR? Model Changes + Hersh Model

    -support If AOR/RMP wanted new models they would have to fix that themself mainly and the PC model is basic +support on the hersh model tho would fit bc guy is like 42
  8. Michael J

    Aspen's SC Application

    -Support You legit just re-posted the app that got denied with like a few more sentences. Also your app cooldown end on december 3rd. Just wow.
  9. Michael J

    Stefan’s Second SC Application

    +support what lee said he was SC once before and he was legit one of the best and i think this is really what the whole server needs right now.
  10. Michael J

    Denied Removal of Tactical Tablet SWEP (or try to fix it)

    -support i can agree on it being bugged at times and needs fixing but i dont think removing and switching it to f4 would be better
  11. Michael J

    Denied Making building FOBs faster

    -Support basicly what everyone else said.
  12. Michael J

    Remove or Change Kill confirmed

    +Support The worst war type
  13. Michael J

    SpiderSlayer22's SC app

    +/- support, as most people have said you are capable of becoming a good SC however AOR needs you.
  14. Michael J

    Denied [MRP] Give Engineer jobs the utility to use emplacement binos

    +support gives people a good reason to play as a engineer. also to what @drako dormus said, CC gets a better gun, gets advanced field kit, gets the ability to place fobs, charing the binos is more beneficial.
  15. Michael J

    Denied Reward RMP/AOR with passive XP while in base

    Thought we already got XP reward for doing RP things like trainings regimental event ex.t.
  16. Michael J

    Accepted Vehicle suggestion

    +support although i think it would be better to maybe just let HQ's have that ability because its already a high priority for the enemy to destroy and also i think the extra cap rate should also depend of the numbers, like so a high number faction side could not just have a x3 cap rate vehicle...
  17. Michael J

    Denied Reward RMP/AOR with passive XP while in base

    +/-Support It could get rmp and aor to be more enthusiastic to do their job but also. Although rewarding rmp/aor to do their minimum of their job would be unfair because then all regiments could argue that they should also get rewarded for example, SAS/STS to get XP everytime they do base...
  18. Michael J

    Denied Add Shell shock from nearby explosions

    +/-support I mean i like the pain of it and it would work better for mortars because they would be more effective. But as stated it might just be a pain to play with a shacky screen and the constant ear ringing.
  19. Michael J

    Accepted Kill Confirmed - Jugg/Flamer drop more tags

    +support not a bad idea, and as you said its more rewarding to kill them
  20. Michael J

    Accepted Mission Cooldown

    What does this suggestion change/add/remove: adds a 15 or 20 min cooldown for missions after war Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2): Debriefs doesnt get inturrupted by either having to go do a mission or being infilltrated. Possible Negatives of the suggestion: I dont see any...