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  1. Simon "Kitton" A.

    [UK] Cece - Ethics Committee Member

    + Support Respected and Active player within the community. Anyone that plays the server knows who you are. You are a Good RP Leader and you aren't scared to voice your opinion. You seem a very good fit to any role within the foundation provided you get the knowledge to do its duties. Wish you...
  2. Simon "Kitton" A.

    What do you guys think of snipers on scp (yes I changed the tittle

    Massive -Support -cant even use spoilers correctly
  3. Simon "Kitton" A.

    [UK] SCP-RP Griffith's Staff Application

    +Support We have spent some time together in the past. Back then i would - Support you and go on. But I've seen you change and quite frankly you deserve a chance. You have been changing for the better and I wish you good luck Griffith.
  4. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Rule Suggestion Disallow "panic binds" from non-essential personnel

    It wasn't an official system until SL said "go ahead"
  5. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Accepted Make Deployable Shields destroyable

    + Support Never thought of it im all for it
  6. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Rule Suggestion Disallow "panic binds" from non-essential personnel

    Never said that panic button system cant be done but picture this... how would a scientist working for a facility in a secluded area need a "panic button" when hes in a highly protected facility with multiple bodyguards and defensive forces and "technically" impenetrable defenses. With that...
  7. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Rule Suggestion Disallow "panic binds" from non-essential personnel

    Honestly, I think the panic button system is stupid. I don't know who made it but it makes no sense. Comms IC are supposed to be spoken through a radio that's why you hear the beep beep sound every message. Some could argue that its smth u hit when u are in danger unable to speak... well if you...
  8. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Return the repair tool to Nu-7

    Not to break the news but changing content never happens in regards to the community. That said if there is content(in this example repair tool for engineers) just because a lot of people minge on that job doesn't mean it should be entirely neglected by the content team. And in regards to...
  9. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Return the repair tool to Nu-7

    I heard 20th time always wins, but who knows
  10. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Return the repair tool to Nu-7

    This has been suggested 14 times including myself long time ago, All denied for an appropriate reason. Repair tools stay on the engineer team.
  11. Simon "Kitton" A.

    tips for top laning

    Since Season 14 arrived i recommend full AP Yuumi top its easy win
  12. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Female Player Models

    -Support I do not see this as a extremly necessary change when there are bigger fish in the barrel... Updating every single model in-game would take weeks maybe even months... yes in pac3 its easy because you can remove the material of a head and then attach another playermodels head. If this...
  13. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Revitalisation of Surface RP

    + Support similar to my suggestion ages ago which got accepted and never added Good ideas and would make it a great addition
  14. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Accepted Ruling Change (Global Chain of Command, 4.1)

    -Support Sorry lads, I know most of you think it's a good idea however COs are considered junior cl4s for a reason. Just because right now getting CO in an MTF is hard it doesn't mean later on this changes. I have been promoted off cool down instantly back in my nu-7 days and there is...
  15. Simon "Kitton" A.

    3rd Simon´s Modeller Application

    -In-game name on all servers you play: Simon "Kitton" Adams Dusan "Toxic" V. Simon "Charon" Adams Kranted -Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:137836054 -Age: 20 -For how long have you played on our servers?: A year and around 2 months -What country are you from?: Slovakia -Time Zone: GMT + 2 -Do you have...
  16. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Buff E-11 !

    Giving staff a bad name I see Regardless buffs to E11 probably isn't doable due to the fluctuations between activity of members
  17. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Denied Nu-7 Medic Buff

    I'm for the medical cabinet to be put in surface armory hovewer nu7 medics shouldn't have access to this there are more than enough slots for Combat medics to heal fractures. All this commenting seems more like a interregimental issue of poor communication. And for ppl that say "stop forcing...
  18. Simon "Kitton" A.

    (UK) Phill Dee now known as Andy Patterson

    Hello Phil, As it stands you have been demoted not so long time ago, which means you still have your staff blacklist. Now I am unsure if you already spoke to someone about it but if you haven't, talk to a super admin+ about it. If you already handled it I will be giving you a + Support since...
  19. Simon "Kitton" A.

    [UK] John "Bergen" Wells

    + Support A long time dedicated SCPRP player. John has been in the community for quite a while and has proven that he can be trusted. The events listed are well thought out and could be well executed.
  20. Simon "Kitton" A.

    Karol Leaving SCP

    Should I go for 3rd admin??? ?️