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  1. Mars

    [US] Pearson Pavish's Chairman Application

    -support From infecting yourself with 008 on floor 3 on purpose to just genuine incompetence, from what I have heard you are one of the hardest people to work with on this server and I think in no shape way or form that you are capable of holding chairman
  2. Mars

    [USA] Asmodeus "King" OSA Application

  3. Mars

    Ryota's Demotion Appeal

    -support did not contribute well to the community when u where a senior admin
  4. Mars

    deku vs mahoraga

    earl sweatshirt
  5. Mars

    SCP RP has changed. [UK]

    civilnetworks wouldnt be half the server it is right now without minges lmao
  6. Mars

    Denied Remove Site Command and ISD

    you got drowned in the reactor water like a month and a half ago and then you started witch-hunting A-1 for the rest of the time you tried playing the US server and instead of laughing it off because we did something funny during downtime on the server you decide to complain about it on a forum...
  7. Mars

    Denied Remove Site Command and ISD

    "we need more roleplay" mfs when the roleplay isnt the roleplay they want :( (i gotta remember this one instance for the rest of my life)
  8. Mars

    Ethics Committee Assistant Application Format

    -support i dont think that is a country
  9. Mars

    [UK] O5-2 "The Thorn"

    i did, they should apply for a position when they have a stable vtime
  10. Mars

    [UK] O5-2 "The Thorn"

    -support literally has a 10 hour vtime 😭
  11. Mars

    Denied SCP-008-2 Blood Balancing

    not even the correct recipe
  12. Mars

    Denied SCP-008-2 Blood Balancing

    neutral i think drinking healing chems could be a little overboard, but 008 God potion aint that op
  13. Mars

    Partially Accepted NU-7 Elastic Restraints OR lower dispenser cooldown

    +support all cl3 combative jobs should have elastics
  14. Mars

    Denied Goodbye to the skip rp pill

    -support man I just LOVE sitting in CI base gagged and blindfolded for 30 minutes doing nothing
  15. Mars

    Rule Suggestion Disallowing Specialized Panic Buttons

    -support less 1984 rulings on civil pls
  16. Mars

    What's the best Music Genre?

    whateva this album is
  17. Mars

    civil civil?

  18. Mars

    [USA] James Anderson GSD CPT Application

    -support a very toxic individual
  19. Mars

    Rule Suggestion Saint's Solution

    -support i didnt join the server to be forced to play gensec research and medical