An Introduction by Iragan Trevelyan

Dictator Iragan

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May 18, 2023

Hello, to whoever is reading this little introduction!​

My name is Iragan, or Dictator Iragan. I have been playing on this community for about four or five days at this point, and have met quite a few interesting people so far. I have been playing RP based games and gamemodes for several years, and have lots of experience in the RP field. I have done HL2RP, SCPRP, SW Imperial RP, DarkRP (Very cringe, I am aware), DayZ RP, and lots of ARMA III MilSim (to which you may hear me using military lingo often). I am known within my friend group to be a writer, and have written many things ranging from Standard Operating Procedures to rulebooks for a varying amount of communities, or just character backgrounds in general. An example of one of my character backgrounds is listed here from an ARMA Life Server, and is known as Dmitri Reznov. Yes, I do the Russian impression as well.

My in character name is Maxwell Shepherd, to which you may have already come across several times at this point and here is his backstory.

Maxwell Shepherd, a promising and dedicated Junior Researcher, has recently undergone a significant change in his career within the SCP Foundation. Following a transfer from Site 13, a renowned facility known for its focus on containment and exploration, Maxwell finds himself embarking on a new chapter at Site 65. Armed with unwavering curiosity, a sharp intellect, and a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the anomalous, Maxwell is poised to bring fresh perspectives and contribute to the Foundation's ongoing mission.

Maxwell's fascination with the anomalous began at a young age, fueled by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a yearning to comprehend the unexplained. Growing up, he found solace in scientific literature and spent countless hours delving into the depths of the unknown. The SCP Foundation recognized his potential and was hired as an Intern for Site 13. Over the course of the internship, Maxwell had developed a large understanding on what the Foundation's goals were and dedicated himself to his work for the Foundation. After several years, the Director of Site 13 wrote Maxwell's transfer from Site 13 to Site 65, along with the promotion to Junior Researcher. This decision was a testament to Maxwell's dedication and burgeoning expertise.

Having honed his research skills and developed a keen understanding of containment procedures during his tenure at Site 13, Maxwell's move to Site 65 presents an opportunity to broaden his horizons and deepen his understanding of the vast array of anomalies under the Foundation's purview. His ability to analyze complex phenomena from multiple perspectives, coupled with his tireless pursuit of truth, sets him apart as a valuable addition to the research community.

As a Junior Researcher, Maxwell immerses himself in the challenging and ever-evolving world of anomaly investigation. With the guidance of seasoned researchers, he eagerly embraces the chance to explore uncharted territory, meticulously documenting his findings, and contributing to the Foundation's vast knowledge base. His passion for understanding the intricacies of the anomalous and his commitment to maintaining the delicate balance between scientific exploration and containment make him an invaluable asset to the team at Site 65.

Maxwell's transfer signifies a pivotal moment in his professional growth. Site 65, known for its collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, offers an environment where researchers from diverse backgrounds come together to unravel the mysteries that lie at the core of the Foundation's mission. His presence brings fresh insights and a new perspective, injecting renewed energy into the collective efforts to safeguard humanity from the unknown.

With each passing day, Maxwell Shepherd embraces the challenges and opportunities that come with his transfer to Site 65. His unwavering determination, insatiable curiosity, and commitment to the Foundation's cause drive him forward as he unravels the secrets concealed within the anomalies. Maxwell's journey exemplifies the spirit of discovery and the tireless pursuit of truth that defines the SCP Foundation, as he continues to leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving narrative of the anomalous world.
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Aug 20, 2021
Why do people spend so much time on Introductions... Make a simple "Hey" and its already fine...


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Jul 25, 2022
Welcome to the community, enjoy your stayy, dont listen to Renolk, he is inactive.


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Jul 12, 2022
ignore otters he is a reg hopper, welcome to hell dont go for anything ethics related
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