Broccoli Blacklist Amnesty


Sep 19, 2022
Your in-game name: Broccoli
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:456036339
Your steam community link: Date of blacklist: Some time in January
To the best of your knowledge, why were you blacklisted?: I was originally as I believe, blacklisted for sharing a PC with a blacklisted player. At the time, I and this player were family sharing each other's accounts as well as logging into them. This was to share our libraries for our own games and had nothing to do with Civil Networks. I believe this was the reason I was blacklisted in the first place as the System may have detected that account having been used on this computer, albeit not in Gmod. However, there are also two other reasons I can think of how a blacklisted account was "used" on my computer. The first, is that before I was blacklisted on my main account, I had briefly used an alt as a D-Class, not minging at all, rather just exploring for about an hour with this account. With that alt, I believe I used a VPN which may have gotten it blacklisted. I don't really remember if it did or not, because I didn't intend on really playing on this account, and never logged back onto it. The final reason I can think of is that around November I had briefly changed my name to that of a blacklisted, now unblacklisted, player and trolled some of our mutual friends. After this I was pulled into a sit by Super Admin Flames, and, despite protesting that I wasn't, was blacklisted for being an alt of this player's. A very dumb decision on my part to change my name to this player's, I know, and I quickly tried to get it resolved. I DM'd Flames on Discord and asked him why I was blacklisted. The following screenshots are his answers:

After this, I was promptly unblacklisted after providing my SteamID and the simple fact that I have a distinctly different voice from the player I was supposedly an alt of. All in all, while being provided the supposed reason of my original blacklist, the fact that my SteamID was on this list as an alt that should be blacklisted seems odd. This, combined with the fact that Flames himself seemed confused as to why my name was on this list makes me believe it to be plausible that possibly my name was added back to this list. Ultimately, I believe that the reason of my blacklist was either the one-off alt that I briefly played on, listed above, or that; maybe my name could have been added back to this list and then blacklisted. Again, these are every possible reason I could think of as to why there was an additional account being used on my computer, in addition to my own.
Please list any times you have used methods to change or hide your IP (incl. game streaming, e.g. GeForce Now): I have used a VPN, as well as a Mac Spoofer.
Please list any alt accounts:
Who blacklisted you? (if known): I have been told it was an automated blacklist from the System.
Link a copy of the in-game rules here (the url):
What will you do to stop this from happening again: Having been gone from the server since around December, I have grown as a person greatly, and know now to not engage with mingy people or groups. I have also since distanced myself from the Zinkleburg group.
Prior to this, have you ever been warned/kicked/banned/blacklisted?image.png
Why should you be unblacklisted: Before I was blacklisted, I had the most fun on the server when roleplaying in any of the MTF Regiments, or just in the common and extremely unique roleplay that Civil Networks provides. I can admit that every so often I would get involved with some minging, however I can now recognize that behavior like this is extremely childish and can assure that I have grown away from actions like this. After I was blacklisted, I decided to use alt accounts to come back to the server. On these Alts, I would minge with other blacklisted players. However actions like these were extremely unfulfilling and after around 2 months of this behavior, I finally recognized and stopped making alt accounts to minge. Also during this period of time, I had sent in a Group Chat an extremely insensitive GIF that I now know is hurtful and am deeply sorry for not considering how a very poor attempt at humor may affect others. It should not have been sent in the first place, and does not at all represent my current or past self. Since this period of time, I have reflected on these past things and realized that I really deep down, truly just wanted to return to this server and its community.
How can you ensure that you won't break any other rule?: The last alt I ever created was after I realized how my past behaviors had hurt not only the server itself, but also its players as well. I know that as of right now, I don't have the right to play after my previous actions. But with this account, I created it to not minge, but to really experience the server and enjoy it again. With this account, I didn't engage in any mingy activity and only played as a normal player and roleplayed as D-Class, GenSec, and as a Researcher; getting up to around Level 30. I believe that this account, although I accept that I created it wrongfully, demonstrates that I have the capability to play on the server without minging and that I have matured as a person.
Why do you want to rejoin this server?: The original time from when I first genuinely played on the server, from July to October, was honestly some of the most fun I have ever had in Garry's Mod and just gaming in general. From the people I met on my original time on the server, I have formed lasting friendships with; and I don't think that there's a single other Garry's Mod server that comes close to replicating anything like that. That time on the server, staying on for 7 hours a day and going to sleep at 3 AM after guarding the HCZ Checkpoint as E-11, or escaping the facility during a Code Black, was so fun and enjoyable that I honestly took it for granted. The people and just the gameplay in general on Civil Networks got me through a rough period in my life and I wish so greatly to return. I have grown immensely as a person in the time away from the server, and it can't be expressed enough how much I regret my past actions. I wish to return, and to make amends.

Thank you for reading.
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