Denied Change the KA-52 or give NATO a KA-52s Equivalent

This suggestion has been denied and will not receive development.
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Mar 23, 2021
What does this suggestion change/add/remove:
Make NATO have a chance against currently the most broken Heli there is on the server

Has something similar been suggested before? If so, why is your suggestion different?:
Yes, but it was only about the miniguns on the Ka-52

Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2):
Gives people a chance to dogfight instead of instantly dying to the 52's minigun
Makes JAF more appealing to new players
Gives JAF a chance to fight as the 52 hasnt got a NATO equivalent

Possible Negatives of the suggestion:
Cant think of any

Based on the Positives & Negatives, why should this suggestion be accepted:
this suggestion is to make Dogfighting and using vehicles more fair since NATO hasnt got a Ka-52 equivalent meaning its unfair for JAF to have to fight against them and also some players consider that the Ka-52 is just as good or better then the Black Foot meaning NWO have 3 really good helis that they can use where JAF only has the BlackFoot witch gets destroyed by the Ka-52
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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.


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Jun 4, 2022
-Support (Kinda)
There has already been an accepted suggestion about the ka52 getting nerfed, i dont it needs a further nerf then that as you have to keep in mind that it has bad engine power and struggles to gain height quickly

Saphira Harlow

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Senior Moderator
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Oct 17, 2022
-Helicopters don't have equivalents
-All DEPENDS ON THE PILOTS SKILL, for example Harry could easily kill any SWB in any helicopter
-Also as Wolf said its already being nerfed


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Mapping Team
Aug 28, 2021
This argument have been ongoing for my entire time on the server. People just need to learn to deal with it. The amount of changes that have been made to the KA-52 just outline for me how much people can’t possibly think that it’s their skill letting them down but it’s their helis being under powered/overpowered. I’d suggest looking into the KA52 vulnerability’s and using them to your advantage.
For example:
Due to the KA52s terrible height gain/acceleration if you get above a ka52 and begin shooting down they will be forced to look up to shoot you; causing them to fall down because they’re vertical. You can then proceed to maintain your height and let the copilot do the work or continue to push them into the ground with hydras.

The only reason you die in that scenario is if you give them height, and if you don’t have a skill issue you shouldn’t allow them to get it

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Aleem Abdul

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Head Moderator
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May 16, 2023
the ka52 is to strong but nwo balances it out with having the havoc and ka50 which are worse than NATO 'equivalents'

Dr Drew

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Content Team
Jan 29, 2022
Suggestion Denied

Hi @Skyric , Your suggestion has been denied. We will not be changing any of the helicopters as both regiments are equal. Thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion​
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