Cristiano's NHC Application

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Christopher Cristiano

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Feb 9, 2023
Which server are you applying for? (UK/US): UK

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:498327454

Discord name: GLITCH#8553

For how long have you played on MRP: I started mid January, 2023.

Age: 15

In what country are you located?: Finland and Iran. I travel between those two often.

Time zone: UTC+3

NATO name (regiment and rank): SAS MSGT Christopher C. [PA-1] [VC]

NWO name (regiment and rank): Pvt Adolf Heisenberg

Civilian name: Pahlavi Reza

Do you have a mic?: yes

Is this the first application you made? If no, link all previous applications: yes,
Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: I have received several warns and one ban from TS. These are composed of mistakes such as FRPing and RDMs. But nevertheless, I have learned my mistakes and used those as good experiences in order to avoid any further punishment, which has done me well as I am on a long streak without warns.
Do you have any experience as a high rank on MilitaryRP?: I do have experience as a high rank, and I have experience from leading a war once, which has been quite successful. I have been able to lead squads very well, and assist in making them better and more efficient within SAS, along with helping the first and second in command of my Company within SAS develop the company, along with take care of it to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

What makes you the best candidate for High Command?: While I doubt I am the best ever candidate for High Command, from my assumption I am currently the only candidate. Nevertheless, I believe that I may have an advantage, which is that I have already gotten to know NHC a little bit, some more than others. I also seek to be assigned to be the BGen of SAS and RMP, if I get accepted, as I see myself suitable and fully prepared to handle the duties on overseeing those two regiments and on working with MGen Mike and the Company command of both regiments to improve them to their fullest capabilities, in order to make NATO more efficient in keeping order within their faction, and getting the backbone of NATO prepared for all kinds of operations and trained in all types of situations. During my experience within MRP, I have written handbooks, especially on the art of infiltrating. I believe that in order to have good regiments in place, there must be a good overseeing command. While we already have that, I have decided with the full support of my commanders and colleagues, to apply to take the open position of BGen, along with a promise to an ex General Danny G to apply for NHC as soon as I can.

I acknowlodge that I am a MSGT, but with permission from the General, I have decided to apply early, in order to if accepted, to work on SAS and RMP. I believe my knowledge on the US law would help me prepare for overseeing the RMP, and with my aspirations to discuss revamping the law system and laws within NATO in order to make them simpler and more exquisite, along with helping RMP get more power in enforcing laws and in bringing fair trials to NATO to help those who seek fair justice. I believe that my knowledge on the US law would also be of great help to the NATO, Since NATO is based off the Washington pact, and since it is from the US, In my opinion the US law should matter a lot within NATO. For example I am currently representing General Connor in 17th Armored Regiment vs. General Connor Humphreys in his capacity as NATO High Command al.

List your in-game ranks on MRP: SAS MSGT, NWO PVT
List your strengths and weaknesses:
Preparation: I prepare a lot for situations such as court cases or important decisions, as I think carefully on the outcomes of my actions which would as NHC require a lot of responsibility. But this could also act as a negative since sometimes but rarely they could take very long.
Confidence: If I see something that I do not like, or something that I want to be known, I am fully prepared to take whatever it needs to get a point across the table, even if some may take it negatively, it is still important in such a high role position.
Courage and hard work: If I really wish to work on something, I will dedicate lots of effort in order to achieve what I seek.
Negotiatior: I believe I am capable of negotiating well, as IRL I am a good haggler which helps IRP for situations such as when purchasing back prisoners, vehicles, etc. But still those rarely happens as when SAS is under my watch, I would rather have them do a swift rescue mission to retrieve the stolen asset.

Reckless quick decision making: Sometimes if I have to make quick decisions, it could be reckless and result in bad outcomes. Nevertheless I work hard to fix my mistakes
Anger issue: While this is not a serious issue, if someone or something frustrates me enough, I will most likely get mad. Nevertheless at the end I am almost always forgiving.

Please give some lore about your HC character and what storylines they would be involved in: Christopher Cristiano is a Portugese man, who dedicated his life to serving his nation of Portugal. He is a muslim man who has volunteered in Bosnia during the balkan war to help the Bosnian children from being attacked by the Russian backed Serbian forces. After volunteering in Bosnia he went into officer academy in Portugal, to be trained into an officer, and later being transferred to Portugese forces in a NATO coalition. There he dedicates his life in improving the state of the forces he is in, and in improving the capabilities of all the regiments and squads who work with him.
What are the responsibilities of HC in RP?: From my knowledge and experience the responsibilities of the NHC is to ensure the efficiency and capability of NATO at all times, from war time to peacetime. They have the responsibility of working hard to ensure that the Regiments operate smoothly and well, along with them keeping the activity of the regiments up with special operations whenever necessary, and to keep the morale up. They are also to look for outstanding soldiers to make an example of them to NATO, in order to encourage others to work hard for what they desire.
What are the responsibilities of HC out of RP?: Out of RP their responsibilities are to ensure that there is no free ranking or overall corruption happening within CCs, and to handle complaints on NATO whenever necessary, that require the IRC presence of NHC. The responsibilities also vary from if the NHC member is staff or not, but nevertheless they are prepared to handle all kinds of situations which require their presence.

James V

MilitaryRP Staff
Sep 24, 2022
  • Active
  • Great with RP
  • Very high potential
My only drawback is I would like you to attempt to take control of situations and show your leadership qualities


Head Moderator
Head Moderator
MilitaryRP Staff
Event Team
Jan 21, 2021
ur closet
+/- Neutral (Leaning to -)

+ Good application detail
+ Good lore

+/- Very few interactions
+/- Unsure of activity/maturity
+/- Only a MSGT

- Only led 1 war
- No experience as high rank

Hi @Christopher Cristiano, I have seen you around in-game one or two times but you don't particularly stand out to me. I've never seen you lead a war and in your app, it says you have only ever led one; I recommend gaining some experience as a high rank and leading wars before you take the big step to NHC.

Mc Flurry

Trial Game Master
Trial Game Master
Nov 4, 2022
-Does not talk much
-Dont see him on that much

Nayr Kcalb

MilitaryRP Staff
May 5, 2022
+/- Neutral
+ Respectful Guy
+ Great Application Content
+ Good Character
- No Leading Experience
- No Experience As A Commander
+/- Few Interactions

drako dormus

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Oct 1, 2021
activity is questionable , also a message from a nhc 3 months ago ? no experience as a high rank


Trial Moderator
Trial Moderator
MilitaryRP Staff
Mar 2, 2023

Not too active on server | Applied after 1 week | Application is copy and pasted from previous application



CC Executive VIP
Jan 13, 2022

Dear Cristiano,

We would like to express our gratitude for your interest in the position.

We regret to inform you that we are in disagreement that you are eligible to hold the position.

I have decided to deny this application because you have not yet proven yourself worthy of NHC. I do appreciate all the work you have done so far for NATO Lawsuits and you are really good at RP. But I want you to rank up first and show more leadership in your regiment and in NATO itself. Again you have real potential but you need to prove yourself.


Once again, we would like to thank you for your interest in the position.
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