Custom TeamSpeak Role Modification Format

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Jan 14, 2021

Application Format & Guidelines

1. Rules

  1. If adding someone to your role, you, or the person you are adding to your role, must have purchased the "Custom Role Modification - Discord/TeamSpeak" package on the donation store, either in-game or on the website, before submitting your application.
  2. To speed up the application, please provide a screenshot of your purchase. You don't have to provide a screenshot, but it will help us!
  3. This format must be filled out by the role owner.
  4. Adding members to your role costs £10 each.
  5. You may remove members from your role for free.
  6. If you, at any point, are blacklisted from the community, your custom roles are subject to immediate deletion. Custom roles will not be returned unless your blacklist is determined to have been made in error. Blacklists are only issued for the most serious offences in our community, such as doxxing, violation of law, or serious, repeated permabannable offences.

2. Making an application

  1. Copy-paste the below format into a new thread in this section.
  2. Updates to your application text should be done via editing your original post, not a new post.
  3. Reasonable formatting should be used, please stick to white text and simple contrasting colour. Do not centre the format.

4. Format

Tutorial on how to find your TeamSpeak ID

Role owner's TeamSpeak ID:
Which role are you modifying:
Are you adding or removing members?:
TeamSpeak IDs of the members you would like to add/remove:
If adding: have you purchased the "Custom Role - Discord/TeamSpeak" package once per member?:
Do you have a screenshot? (optional):
Steam ID of the purchaser(s):
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