DarkRP Rules

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DarkRP Rules
Discord: https://discord.gg/kYyrHU4hhN
Use the Teamspeak server and talk with the community. ts3.civilgamers.com

Any punishment issued by staff regarding a rule that hasn't been clearly stated within these rules is still valid
If you have an issue regarding the warning issued feel free to make a post in the complaint section within our forums.
Section 1: Essential Rules

1.1 Don’t RDM - You need a valid RP reason to kill someone. Reasons for shooting/attacking someone are:
  • If you or someone you are associated [1.2] with is in a threatening situation, such as being harmed, restrained, arrested, or being threatened with a weapon by someone.
  • If your property is being stolen or damaged by someone.
  • If you have given someone three consecutive warnings to do something, and they fail to comply. This must be reasonable and not done for the sole purpose of killing them, e.g. telling them to jump continuously.
  • If your job requires you to kill a specified target, such as in the case of a bounty hunter or hitman.
  • If you are raiding and the person is either behind the "Kill on Sight" (KOS) line or past the first primary defence (e.g, a fading door). In the context of a police department (PD) raid, this applies to any officers within the PD building.
  • If someone is attempting to raid you or someone you are associated [1.2] with, for example, they are attempting to breach your fading door.
  • If someone has passed your "Kill on Sight" (KOS) line. If a condition is provided you can only kill them on that condition.
1.2 Association - To be associated with someone else in RP one of the following conditions must be met:
  • Be in the same organisation.
  • You have /job working with (name).
1.3 - Don't Break NLR - wait 3 minutes before returning to your place of death or interacting with the people involved in your death. You also cannot remember anything from a previous life.

1.4 - Don't break FearRP - if someone has a weapon in their hand (any gun, knife or tazer), and you have no weapon in your hand, you must comply with them. e.g. you are unarmed and a police officer has you against the wall - you can't pull a gun out.

1.5 - Don't RDA - you can only arrest someone who broke one of the laws.

1.6 - Don't FDA (fading door abuse) - don't use your keybinds to open fading doors in RP.

1.7 - Don't spam - don't spam ropes or props. They should have a reason to exist & not be random. Max 5 ropes for a KOS sign!

1.8 - Don't job abuse - don't change job to gain an unfair advantage, and don't change jobs in a RP situation. e.g. changing to cop to unarrest a friend, or changing job inside the bank vault.

1.9 - Don't FailRP - read your job description and RP properly. e.g. do not break the law or disobey orders as a cop, or help the police as a thief (who is supposed to be a criminal).

1.10 - Don't propsurf/climb - don't build ladders/ramps made out of props to get up high, and don't physgun props players are standing or sitting on.

1.11 - Don't counter - you cannot counter an event - e.g. you cannot 'Counter Raid'.

1.12 - Don't metagame - don't use information from outside of RP, e.g. the killfeed or someone's job title, in roleplay.

1.13 - Don’t ERP - We have a zero-tolerance policy on Erotic Roleplay. Going out of your way to ERP is unacceptable and will be met with serious consequences.

1.14 - Safezones - You may not commit crimes in safezones e.g. mugging, kidnapping and hacking.

1.15 - Obvious extras - Don't hack, script, or abuse glitches. Don't be rude to others, and don't be racist. Don't abuse props to push/block/trap/kill others. Don't build in spawn or jail.

Section 2: Combat Rules

2.1 - Mugging/Kidnapping - Do not mug/kidnap in view of strangers. Max mug is the mug limit displayed by /balance, You can mug/kidnap the same person every 15 minutes. The mug limit is 20% of a player's cash, capped at 50k. ("/advert Mug /balance or die")

2.2 - Raiding the PD - You must advert "PD raid". You need an RP reason, and you need to be just outside the entrance, or in the PD (don't snipe from down the road). If there are less than 6 PD on, you can't raid the PD vault. There is a global cooldown of 15 minutes on PD raids.

2.3 - Warrants & Police Raids - Raids by police require a valid RP reason. This RP reason must be backed by CONCRETE evidence beyond reasonable doubt of a crime being committed, e.g. audible gunshots or meth from inside the premises, or eyes on illegal items.

2.4 - Raiding Timer - Raids may last no longer than 15 minutes, after which you must wait 30 minutes before raiding the same base again, PD can ignore this timer or the raid cooldown if a new RP reason (unrelated to the raid) is found to raid again.

2.5 - Don't build mid-raid - PD can build within the first 5 minutes of a raid.

2.6 - Don't raid bases with building signs

2.7 - Combat Holstering - You are not allowed to /holster your weapon during an RP situation.

2.8 - Hitbox abuse - You are not allowed to abuse hit-boxes whilst in combat. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming crouch jump whilst in combat.

2.9 - Destroying equipment in RP - Destroying printers or illegal contraband while being raided is FailRP. Logging off is also FailRP.

2.10 - Raid NLR - You may rejoin a raid if members of your gang (criminal) or the police force (PD) are still present, and your NLR timer has passed. You may not rejoin if everyone present has died, or the raiding timer has expired.

2.11 - Defending Equipment - You may not defend a base using conglomerate armour, hex shields, potions, or the Skullbreaker/Marauder jobs.

2.12 - Hex Countering - You can't walk into a hex shield to gain the ability to shoot into it through a prop, you may only enter a hex shield if there is no obstruction between you and the other person inside of that hex.

Section 3: Building Rules

3.1 - Base Entrances - The base entrance rules change depending on how many players are part of your base. Keypads must always be placed at eye level and entrances have to be a minimum width of a storefront prop in length. Fading doors must have enough room between them to fit 2 players between.
  • 1 to 8 players: Your base entrance cannot be longer than 2 double fences from the entrance to exit, with 3 fading doors.
  • 9+ players: Your base entrance cannot be longer than 1 double fence from the entrance to exit, with 2 fading doors.
3.2 - Building Signs - You can have a building sign, meaning people can't raid you, but you can't have any entities inside during this.

3.3 - Street Building - You must be a hobo (garbage props only) or a shop owner to build in the street unless given permission by a Senior Mod+ - this also applies if you wish to make checkpoints as PD, always get Senior Mod+ permission before doing so.

3.4 - Secondary Defences - You are not allowed to have defences past the first set of defences designed to guard the entrance.

3.5 - Extra Fading Doors - You are allowed 1 fading door for printer storage and 1 fading door for a kidnapping cage per base. These fading doors must not form part of the entrance or have any defences behind them.

3.6 - No-colliding - Prop floors must be no-collided with collided props beneath any printers. For other props, you need a sign if they are no-collided. No-collided entrances aren't allowed.

3.7 - Overhang - Bases can not have an overhanging section that allows the defenders to shoot past the first door at the incoming raiders, you are only allowed to shoot past the first door if both parties (raider and defender) have clear lines of sight on each other.

3.8 - KOS Lines - You may not place a KOS line on the pavement, or outside in Old Spawn or Main Street. KOS lines may not extend further away than the width of a storefront prop from your base.

3.9 - Residentials - Don't build in the front of the small terraced houses. Don't build walls surrounding the large fence around the large houses, and don't build walls surrounding the small houses.

3.10 - Roleplay Homes - If you are not allowed to base, you may have a roleplay home instead. Roleplay homes may only be located in Residentials or the Hotel, and may only contain a Maxnet PC and props that look like a realistic home.

3.11 - Oil Rig Building - You may build anywhere within the boundaries of the oil rig but you may not block the ladder. You may not put fading doors on or before the ladder. You may not designate a part of the water as KOS, only parts of the oil rig.

3.12 - Bunker Building - You may only build or base within the bunker if you are part of a gang or org with at least 4 members basing within.

3.13 - Shooting Holes - Ensure that all shooting holes are the size of a models/hunter/blocks/cube05x075x025.mdl in length and width.

3.14 - Banned Base Designs - All the bases listed in the spoiler below are banned.

Tunnels (bases that are long hallways of death)

Trap bases (bases where you can't exit out the way you came)

Crouch bases (bases where you have to crouch)

Mazes (bases with more than four 90 degree direction changes)

Kill boxes (boxes / rooms that are used for the sole purpose of killing raiders. Often raiders can not fight back, e.g. defenses where you shoot raiders feet)

Colour-rooms/Blackout rooms (you can't have rooms where you don't know up and down, left or right. it is usually made with black, so you can't see anything)

Tiering Bases (these are multi-floor bases built by players that are designed to add a secondary form of entrance corridor or defence, world buildings do not abide by this rule)

Jump / Parkour bases (these are bases that require you to jump from platform to platform in order to get to your fading door or keypad.)

Section 4: Government Rules

4.1 - Threats - If a player is openly carrying a weapon and is a threat to life, you may kill them, otherwise you have to attempt to arrest them.

4.2 - Weapon Checking - You may weapon check players providing you have a valid RP reason, an RP reason isn't required inside the PD.

4.3 - Owning Doors - If you are on a government job you may only own doors/buildings for an RP home.

4.4 - Baiting - You are not allowed to trespass onto private property in order to provoke a gunfight.

4.5 - Police Lines - You may only arrest players if they cross a police line that states "Do Not Cross".

4.6 - Lockdown - All players must be issued a warning prior to arresting them, you give them time to reach a safe location.

4.7 - Police reports - Police may not actively raid a property off information from a police report unless they are responding to an active situation such as gunshots or meth noises. FBI may perform investigations (e.g. perform phone hacks) based off of police reports.

Section 5: Gang Rules

5.1 - Gang Limits - Gangs/raiding parties may have the following: 1 Covert Thief, 2 Thieves (Master/Normal), 1 Marauder/Skullbreaker, 1 Gun Dealer (who must have a public shop), and 1 Bank Manager (who must have a public printer bank).

5.2 - Gang Bases - Gangs may own up to one building unless they have more than 8 active players on at which point they can then own 2 and can no longer base on Main Street. You may not use Bouncy Balls to go above 155HP if you are basing.

5.3 - Job Restrictions - Gangs may not have a doctor/exotic dancer/chef within their base.

5.4 - Buildings - Only 1 player can place props for the base, except for if other players want to place decorative props that do not serve a functional purpose.

5.5 - Allies - Allies must be indicated through either an organisation alliance or using /job working with (name). You may assist allies in their raids, but you may not assist in defending their base.

5.6 - Territory Wars - Rules listed in the spoiler below
1: KOS Guidelines - You may KOS all opposing gang members during a territory capture/invasion, provided you are both within the area of capture. Opposing gang members do NOT have to be armed in order to be KOS.

2: External Involvement - During a territory capture or invasion you may only KOS enemy gangs OUTSIDE of the capture area providing they are armed and actively engaging your gang members (they are a threat).

3: Pre-capture restrictions - You may not kill opposing gang members before a capture has begun.

4: Ally Participation - Allies MUST be participating in a capture/invasion via the org menu in order to KOS ally's opposition.

5: NLR during gang wars - You are allowed to break NLR during a gang war provided your gang is part of the territory invasion/capture. PD are NOT permitted to break NLR.

6: Job Limits - A gang and its allies can only have ONE Marauder/Skullbreaker between them during a territory capture/invasion. Doctors and Exotic Dancers cannot participate in a territory capture/invasion.
Section 6: Business Rules

6.1 - Business Valuation- You cannot purposefully devalue a business that has other shareholders. The money in the treasury partially belongs to them, even if you are the CEO. You need a valid reason to take cash out.

6.2 - Bank Control - The management of a bank must not abuse treasury funds provided by account holders. If a bank's treasury is less than 60% of the money stored in all their customer accounts, the bank is considered illegitimate, and SAs may take control of the bank.

6.3 - Subsidiaries - If a company accepts payment from another company to become a subsidiary, then intentionally drains the company funds to either their wallet or a new business, the new business may be forcefully made a subsidiary of the original owner, or the payment must be refunded.

  • 6.4 - Printers spawned via the Business Asset Menu: can only be placed within a Bank branch. A bank branch is defined as;
  • Operational/accessible within a building.
  • Have a counter with an actively employed person who is able to open bank accounts.
  • Accessible at all times (no locked doors or fading doors) between the entry point and the counter.
  • Banks cannot remove money from the treasury that is generated by a bank printer. This is to be used for salary and interest payments only.
6.5 - Business Structures - Businesses can place a non-intrusive, reasonably-sized marketing structure on the street to promote the business. If a staff member thinks your structure is not sensible, they may remove it.


6.6 - Bank Accounts - All Bank accounts which have an interest rate greater than 0 have to be available to all players to open. Banks are required to advertise all available bank accounts which provide interest. e.g. No Staff/Owner/gang only accounts.

6.7 - Bank ATMs - You may only place ATMs within/outside of a bank branch. The ATM must be accessible to the public.

Section 7: Other Rules

7.1 - Custom Jobs - Don't change your job name to something that changes the job's role. Citizens can have custom jobs.

7.2 - Text Screens - Don't spam text screens or put offensive language on them.

7.3 - Self Supply - Gun dealers may not work for the police. They may not self-supply, except for 1 or 2 guns for self-defence.

7.4 - Kidnapping - Rules: kidnaps may not last longer than 10 minutes, you must kidnap in private and when kidnapped you must abide by RP gags.

7.5 - Chain Advertising - You may not advert chain adverts e.g. '/advert mug', not '/advert mug/kidnap/pd raid'.

7.6 - No Collision Cover - You may not use no-collided props as cover, such as walking in and out of no-collided props in combat.

7.7 - WireMod Props - Do not abuse the wire tool to spawn props that are blacklisted by the server.

7.8 - Real-World Trading - The buying, selling or trading of VPoints, items, money or ranks for real-life monetary value between other players is prohibited. Players are allowed to trade VPoints for items or in-game money.

7.9 - Baiting - You may not bait the police by advertising illegal activities.

7.10 - Drugs - All drugs are illegal by default, weed can be made legal by the mayor.

7.11 - Hitman/Bounty Spam - You may not place another hit/bounty on an individual within a 15 minute period.

7.12 - Hit Reasons - Hits can only be placed if you have a valid RP reason and the capability to eliminate the target yourself without breaking RDM rules. You do not need a reason to place a bounty.

7.13 - Alt Accounts - Alternative accounts cannot be used to circumvent cooldowns. Accounts you own may not interact with each other. Additionally, alt accounts may not sell / give away their entities, such as printers.
Section 8: Community and Base Location Rules

8.1 - Building - Communities must ask permission from a Head Moderator+ before blocking off an area, they may not block off core areas such as Main Street or Old Spawn. They must have at least two entrances. You may build anywhere within the area blocked off by a community that you are a part of.

8.2 - Laws - No community can make it so that one of the mayor's laws are legalized, such as legalizing printers or murder. They must work with the mayor, and not against him.

8.3 - Town Police - Security Guards may act as the town police if hired by the community's owner.

8.4 - Raiding Communities - You may not raid the entirety of a community, however you may raid individual buildings within it.

Section 9: Job Restrictions
Allowed WeaponsRaidMug/KidnapPrintersCan base?
Advanced Chemist
manufactures meth using industrial scale equipment​
Bank ManagerCivilianStores and manages printers for others legally. Bank Managers may not work together.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Black Market DealerCriminalDeals in illegal goods, specifically weapons and drugs.AnyNoNoYesYes
Bounty HunterCriminalHunts down and kills targets with bounties on their heads. Cannot take hits directly from people.AnyNoNoYesNo
Casino ManagerCivilianOwns and manages the casino. May charge an entry fee for visitors.HandgunsNoNoYesCasino
CGSF OfficersPoliceCivil Gamers Special Forces. A force for the purposes of handling situations (such as raids) that regular police or SWAT cannot handle.AnyWarrant OnlyNoNo
ChefCivilianA chef who cooks food.HandgunsNoNoYesNo
ChemistCriminalManufactures high-grade meth, but loudly.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Chief of PolicePoliceCommands the police department. Takes orders from the mayor.AnyWarrant OnlyNoNoNo
CitizenCivilianA regular citizen who lives life.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Club FighterCivilianCan participate in fist fights inside player-made arenas.FistsNoNoYesYes
Covert ThiefCriminalCan break into houses and use a disguise kit to make getting away easier.AnyYesYesYesYes
DJCivilianCan spawn their own radio to play music. Not allowed to play music unless they have a DJ stand.NoneNoNoYesYes
DoctorCivilianMakes clinics or hospitals to heal people for free or by charge. Can not base with others but can own a roleplay home/clinic/hospital.HandgunsNoNoYesNo
EngineerCivilianFixes issues around Downtown.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
FBIPoliceThe FBI Agent's job is to investigate crimes. He is allowed to knock on doors and investigate suspicious buildings, and may raid if there is a genuine concern about illegal activity. During an investigation, evidence such as Printers and Meth may not be destroyed, as this is proof for the Chief and the CGPD. May set up some hidden cameras in a base during an investigation.AnyWarrant OnlyNoNoNo
Free RunnerCivilianRuns around the map, climbing onto rooftops and does cool parkour stunts.HandgunsYesNoNoNo
GangsterCriminalBasic member of a gang.AnyYesYesYesYes
Gun DealerCivilianSells guns to the public. Cannot base but is allowed a shop to sell guns. Can work with a gang permitting their base has a store to operate out of.AnyNoNoYesNo
Heavy Gun DealerCivilianSells heavy guns to the public. Cannot base but is allowed a shop to sell guns. Can work with a gang permitting their base has a store to operate out of.AnyNoNoYesNo
HerbalistCriminalThe famed weed dealer, Dr. Chronic. Sells weed for profit. (*Weed can be legalized by a mayor)AnyNoNoYesYes
HitmanCriminalCan accept hits on people, must have ask for a valid RP reason before accepting the hit. Cannot base but is allowed a roleplay home.AnyNoNoYesNo
HoboCivilianCan build non-advanced things on the streets. Cannot base but is allowed to set up a roleplay home.KnivesNoNoNoNo
Hotel OwnerCivilianOwns and runs the hotel.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
HunterCriminalCan accept hits and kill bounties.AnyNoNoNoNo
IndustrialistCivilianAs an Industrialist, your role revolves around the HEconomy, where you can mine trees and ore in order to craft various items.AnyNoNoYesYes
KidnapperCriminalKidnaps players and extorts the police for a ransom. Kidnaps must be in private, unpopulated areas out of sight from anyone.AnyNoYesYesYes
Lizard ManCriminalHates the government, can work with gangs.AnyYesYesYesYes
Magic BartenderCriminalCan sell weed and energy drinks.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
Magic Tree ManCivilianMakes potions and sells them.HandgunsNoNoYesYes
MarauderCriminalA criminal tank. Must be hired by a gang.Any (No Snipers)If HiredIf HiredNoNo
Master ThiefCriminalA seasoned veteran of the thieving community. Same as the thief but better at their craft. Has faster, better equipment.AnyYesYesYesYes
MayorPoliceElected leader by the public. Sets new laws (as long as they are within the server rules).HandgunsNoNoNoNo
Mayor's BodyguardPoliceBodyguard who's objective is to protect the mayor at any cost.AnyNoNoNoNo
Mayor's DaughterPolicePart of the mayor's family.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
Mayor's WifePolicePart of the mayor's family.HandgunsNoNoNoNo
MercenaryCriminalCan be hired into a gang, comes with set of weapons.AnyIf HiredIf HiredYesIf Hired
Mob BossCriminalOwns and controls a specific gang.AnyYesYesYesYes
PetCivilianFlies around and lives inside of people's homes.Fists/hoofsNoNoNoNo
Police OfficerPoliceUpholds the law, and arrests lawbreakers. Takes direct orders from the Chief of Police. Works with CGSF and SWAT.AnyWarrant OnlyNoNoNo
Private MilitaryCivilianCan be hired to carry out duties for an individual/organization. Are not allowed to operate unless hired.AnyIf HiredIf HiredNoYes
ProstituteCivilianCan heal but is not allowed to heal any government officials.HandgunsNoNoYesNo
Security GuardCivilianCan be hired to protect a building.AnyNoNoYesIf Hired
Sewer DwellerCriminalCan build in the sewers.
May KOS non-dwellers in the sewer, may NOT initiate combat on the surface.
Can be KOS'd by other players on the surface
May roam freely in sewers (except NLR zones). May break FearRP ONLY in sewers.
Melee onlyNoYesNoNo
SharkCriminalAlternate role to gangster, same rules apply.AnyYesYesYesYes
SkullbreakerCriminalExtremely strong criminal. Must be hired.Any (No Snipers)If HiredIf HiredNoNo
SWAT TeamPoliceTakes direct orders from the SWAT Team leader. Works alongside PD and CGSF.AnyWarrant OnlyNoNoNo
The FlashCivilianRuns around at extreme speeds.FistsNoNoNoNo
ThiefCriminalCan break into buildings and steal property.AnyYesYesYesYes
TrashmanCivilianCleans streets by vacuuming trash and putting it in a compactor.AnyNoNoNoNo
WeebCivilianSimilar to civilian, may have guns.AnyNoNoYesNo

Section 10: VIP Rules

10.1 - Building - You can only noclip if you are out of RP and using it to build. If you're building, have your job as a citizen, do /job building, and don't do anything illegal (e.g., no printers)

10.2 - Staff areas - Don't use your VIP powers to enter jesusland (staff area).

10.3 - Roleplaying - Do not no-clip to get around quicker while in RP. If you're in your base and need to go to the ATM, then walk there. Do not !goto or !bring without the other person's permission. Make sure you are both not in RP (e.g., mid-raid or running from police) when you do this.

10.4 - Admin sits - Under no circumstances should you teleport to admin sits that involve you without permission or unless you are requested to do so by a member of staff.

10.5 - Physgun - Please do not use your physgun to move players out of the way.

If you are unsure about any of the above rules, please feel free to contact a member of staff at any time who will happily clarify these with you. The VIP system is a luxury for players to enjoy those added benefits and when appropriate, assist staff, so please respect the above rules.
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