Fixing Crashes - GMOD Chromium


SCP-RP Staff
Dec 4, 2022
While on the server I've seen some players who are crashing and aren't aware of the Chromium Branch of GMOD.

One of the main reasons that SCP-RP players crash is due to Memory Utilization. The default build of GMOD is only an x86 application which limits the amount of RAM that can be allocated to the main application. As you load in, this memory quickly gets all used up and eventually will get to a point where there is no more to use or free up, resulting in the game crashing.

The Chromium branch of GMOD is a huge improvement as it is an x64 build which allows for utilizing more RAM. This removes the 3.5 Gb cap that GMOD is normally bound by.

So in this thread, I'll show you how to change your branch over to the Chromium branch and give you a few tweaks you can add to your autoexec.cfg file.

So first things first, go into your STEAM LIBRARY and select Garrys Mod, right click and select properties.


On the next window that pops up, select Betas:


Go to Beta Participation and select x86-64 - Chromium + 64-bit binaries:


Once you select the Chromium Branch, exit out and let the new branch download.

Next time you launch the game, you'll get this screen.


Make sure you select the 64-bit version, and then "Always use this option".

Congrats, you should now have 64-bit Garrys Mod and a whole lot less crashes.

I'm not sure if this really helps, but I've also added the following into my autoexec.cfg file located here: \steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg\autoexec.cfg

gmod_mcore_test 1
mat_queue_mode -1
cl_threaded_bone_setup 1

Hopefully this clears up any crashing problems you may have, and ensures you have a greater experience on the Server :)