ImThatKidMike's Moderator application [USA]

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May 11, 2023
Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name): Awesomemike29 (99% sure made my account in 2011 lol)

How many hours of playtime do you have? (vtime_menu in console): 405 hours

Age: 21

In what country are you located?: USA

Time zone: EST

Foundation Name (include your regiment and rank if applicable): Mike Moore - E-11 CPL

Chaos name (include your rank): Mike Wright - CI-B

Civilian name: Michael Bialik

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:47231286

Discord ID (name#0000): imthatkidmike

Do you have a mic?: Yes

What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): USA

Is this the first application you made? If no, link all previous applications:
- No
I also had a GOC app that was accepted but it was right before the GOC became available through tryouts so it ended up getting deleted :(

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:
- Yes a 3 day ban for severe toxicity, I also have an RDA warn but I don't remember getting it, but I have one as it shows up on my warn list

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community?:
- No

Do you have any previous experience with serious roleplay?:
- I played half life 2 seriousRP for a bit but that was years ago

How many hours can you be on everyday?:
- Depends on the day, I'm in college and work weekends but probably at least 3+ hours a day

Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?:
- I want to contribute more to the server as I do play on it a lot. I believe I will be a good moderator, helping with sits for people that issues and being fair on sits where someone needs to be punished/informed on what they did wrong. I just generally want to help the community as a whole. It will also help me grow myself in learning better mediation skills.

What do you think you would be able to help us with on the server? Why are you special over the other applicants?: I can't really say I'm a special person other than that I'm an honest and earnest person. I'm applying because I want to generally benefit and contribute to the server and community I enjoy playing and interacting with so much.


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Resources Team
Sep 22, 2022

Application Accepted

Hi @ImThatKidMike

Thanks for taking the time to make a moderator application.

Congratulations on having your application accepted, please join the Interview Waiting Room in TeamSpeak and put "Waiting for Interview" in your name so we can proceed with the next stage of the process.​
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