Jonquontavius Tiggle's Exec. Researcher App

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Aug 26, 2023
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:569500739

Discord name: okdofullgodogo

For how long have you played on CG SCP:

Started 3 months ago and have about 200 - 275 hours, that's about 3 hours a day!

Age: 12

In what country are you located?: Canada

Time zone: PST

Character name(s): Foundation; Jonquontavius Tiggle The 3rd. CI; "Tiggle"

Civilian name: Joe Bob.

What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): USA

Do you have a mic?: Yes

-List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:

CI Alpha, Holding.
Nu-7 CPL, Holding.
Riot Response Team License
Heavy Weapons License

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: None

Why are you applying for Executive Researcher?

I'm applying for the Executive Researcher position because I've learned a lot from other Execs and their guidance has improved my research skills. I believe having an additional executive would benefit the team by fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. I want to take on more responsibilities and contribute to the team's success. I also want to be able to help other researchers in document signing and accepting. Also the main thing I want in becoming Executive is to be able to teach junior researchers and any other researchers and answer any questions they might have. I understand that being an executive researcher is a lot of work, and it isn't just signing and grading documents. I think that I have these skills and would be a great addition to the executive team

What makes you suitable for Executive Researcher?:

As a Senior Researcher at the SCP Foundation, my leadership and mentoring skills have made a positive impact. I readily provide guidance, answer questions, and review documents to maintain quality. I uphold high standards, meet deadlines, and adhere to ethical conduct. I excel in conflict resolution and communication, and lead by example, refraining from negative talk. Committed to self-improvement, I aim to further enhance my leadership and mentoring, contributing to the Foundation's success.

I have made it my goal to talk to other executive researchers, I have tried my best to be respectful and professional.

How many excellent-graded documents have you written? What makes a document excellent?

I have written 4 excellent graded documents, what makes a document excellent is, number 1, the formatting, this is very important because without good formatting, it is very difficult to give it a good grade. Length isn't the main factor in a document being excellent. The index is another important part of an excellent graded document.
What are the responsibilities of the Executive Researcher in RP?:

1. Mentoring other researchers is a big part in being an executive researcher. Helping others is very important. Also being A good leader is a big thing. try to talk positively about other peoples work. Or give them feedback that will help them, instead of degrading people based on their skills, executive researchers should make sure to give constructive criticism.

2. Conducting tests, of course, this goes with the job description, but this is still very important, conducting good and ethical tests is a big thing for researchers

SCP 7722 And 999 Crosstest

Please give some lore about your Executive Researcher character and what storylines they would be involved in:

Jonquontavius Tiggle The 3rd was born in the village of Pinewood in Northern Canada. His familial connection to the SCP Foundation played a pivotal role in his career choice. With his father already serving as a Security Captain within the Foundation, Jonquontavius Tiggle The 3rd was exposed to the organization's inner workings from a young age. This exposure kindled a deep fascination with the Foundation's mission, ethics, and the pursuit of knowledge in the face of the anomalous.

Current workings:

Today, Jonquontavius Tiggle The 3rd holds the role of a Senior Researcher within the SCP Foundation. His career progression from a Technician to a Senior Researcher signifies his dedication to the Foundation's mission and his unwavering commitment to its core values.

In his current capacity, Tiggle plays a role in testing on D Class, writing excellent documents. And mentoring other researchers.

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Jan 27, 2022
He's a cool guy and is active. Is a damn good researcher

The Gypsy Bard

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Apr 20, 2023
Subject: Application Status


| Application Denied |

Greetings Jonquontavius,

This is a message composed by the Research Directorate to inform you that your application for the position of Executive Researcher has not been chosen to continue at this time. We thank you for taking the time to apply for this position and encourage you to re-apply following a two-week span.

You may contact either myself (thegypysbard) or Dpt. Director Kiryu (.kurgerbing) if you have further questions.​
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