Kurger Bing's 096 Application (SCP-RP USA)

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Kurger Bing

Dec 23, 2022
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:179373502
Discord name: Kurger Bing#0046
For how long have you played on CG SCP: I'd say about a month and a half, since the beginning of December roughly
Age: 19
In what country are you located?:USA
Time zone: EST
Character name(s): Chaos Insurgency: Nishiki
Foundation: Kiryu
Civilian name: Goro Majima
What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): USA

Do you have a mic?:

What is your SCP level and total level? (Provide a screenshot of the level menu):
-Screenshot (81).png

List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:
-Nothing yet.

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:

What makes you suitable for SCP-096?:
-I think I would bring a fun and interesting spin to SCP-096. It would be fun for everyone on the server and I think everyone would have a good time dealing with the goofiness I could bring to the table. When I say goofiness I of course mean within my boundaries, I obviously wouldn't break any rules or anything. Also, SCP-096 is one of my favorite SCP's. So I know a lot about him and what he does, and would love to play as him on the server.

What is the usual behaviour of SCP-096 when pacified?:
-SCP-096 will cry and sit when calm, and if he is alone while doing this he can wonder for 1 minute. If someone sees his face he gets mad can attack until he gets them. Then he repeats.

When breached, where is SCP-096 allowed to go? Can SCP-096 beeline straight to D-Block?:
-SCP-096 can only go where the target who saw his face can go. No where else, if his target is in D-Block, he could certainly go there, otherwise no, he can't.

How is SCP-096 re-contained? Please describe all steps of the process:
When SCP-096 breaches, two things spawn on the map, a bucket, and his picture showing his face. The picture needs to be destroyed, and the bucket needs to be put over his face. SCP-096 then will finish attacking his targets until he has no more and be pacified and calm down. He is then to be restrained and brought back to containment.


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Senior Moderator
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Sep 25, 2022

Hello @Kurger Bing
Thank you for taking the time to make an application!
Congratulations on your new Whitelist!
Contact an Admin+ In-Game to receive it!

Kind Regards,
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