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Dec 21, 2020
Purpose of Suggestions

Suggestions allow the community to put forward their ideas and thoughts for potential additions/changes/removals of features or systems. Suggestions are usually regarding in-game content, however a suggestion could also relate to other platforms such as discord.

It is important to note that our development time is limited, and the number of suggestions we often receive far exceeds our capabilities to implement them all. For this reason, you must understand that in most cases, even if a suggestion is particularly good or popular, suggestions will not be implemented.

Suggestions should be made for 1 feature or 'rework' (a rework can be e.g. a collection of suggestions about a single regiment), please do not group up multiple features or reworks into one thread. You may post one suggestion thread every 24 hours.

Nevertheless, suggestions are an important and useful way for us to gather ideas and feedback from the community, and we enjoy hearing all the ideas which you bring forward.

For the section where it asks "Has this been suggested before?", it is your responsibility to check this. Replying with "not sure" or "IDK" will result in your suggestion being denied outright. If your suggestion is similar, please ensure you explain in detail why this is different to the previous suggestion.

Creating suggestions
To create a suggestion, please create a new post in this forum, copying and filling out the provided format below. Please make sure the thread has an appropriate name.

[B]What does this suggestion change/add/remove:[/B]
[Response here]

[B]Has something similar been suggested before? If so, why is your suggestion different?:[/B]
[Response here]

[B]Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2):[/B]
[Response here]

[B]Possible Negatives of the suggestion:[/B]
[Response here]

[B]Based on the Positives & Negatives, why should this suggestion be accepted:[/B]
[Response here]
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