[MRP] ROE Complaint - Complain Against Bumble and Illya

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'Falcon' / Stealth

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Dec 4, 2022
Your in-game name?: Sparta

Your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:107425811

Which server are you making a complaint for?: MRP - UK

Are you complaining because of someone or because of server content?: Someone

Name of players/staff/VIPs involved?:

Bumble - STEAM_0:0:206394102
Illya - STEAM_0:0:53945888

STEAM ID's involved (if possible): Person Reporting me : Artemis - STEAM_0:1:589819105

What is the details/summary of your complaint (provide as much detail as possible)?:

So whilst outside of the base during a FPCON 5 as SAS were attempting to steal war funds from the NWO Base, an SAS Approaches my Vehicle and begins attempting to get inside of it clearly in an attempt to steal the vehicle. During which I had then shot and downed him to prevent him from attempting to steal the vehicle / ""Threaten" the vehicle ". Now In the clip he clearly states "Can I borrow" this vehicle, this shows his clear intent to attempt to steal the vehicle in which I was using otherwise known within the rules as threatening my vehicle. After he had been warned for FailRP due to this players clear lack in understanding of the rules he then proceeded to report me in which the Moderator and Head Moderator argued that stealing vehicles is not directly stated within the rules of the server therefore I should be warned for it. I was then warned for "ROE" Under the grounds that stealing a vehicle is not specifically instated within the rules, However may i remind you that staff are expected to utilize common sense in regards to situations outside of the rules.

Evidence (Screenshots or video): https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1aTVhI-sunCI_2/d1337gE6NuzV?invite=cr-MSxrUGUsMTY4MTAxNjUzLA


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Jan 3, 2022
Complaint Response

Hi @'Falcon' / Stealth,

Thanks for taking the time to make a complaint.

Based on the clip you provided us with I came to the conclusion that the ROE warning you recived is Invalid.
The SAS had a Gun out inside the sings and he tried to enter in the Vehicle

Based on the above,Your Warning will be removed and the Staff in question will be talked to, in regards to your complaint.

Kind regards,
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