[MRP] Staff Rulings

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MRP Staff Rulings

This thread gives detail of staff rulings on various rules across MRP.

Anything listed on this page has been confirmed to be against the rules by two or more Super Admins, or a member of the Network Leadership team. It is not an exhaustive list of what is against the rules, but serves as a way for common misconceptions to be cleared up by the staff team.

Use your common sense - just because this page doesn't say "it is FailRP to run around with the name 'Donald Trump' and shout about US politics" doesn't mean that it is suddenly allowed - it is clearly a violation of the FailRP rule, which you must follow as normal.
FailRP Clarifications

1.01 Semi-SeriousRP - MilitaryRP targets a good balance between a serious regimental structure, combined with having fun with your team and squadmates. This doesn't mean "no fun allowed", but people are expected to roleplay seriously when asked to by their COs or High Command. Semi-SeriousRP means you are expected to act in a way that reflects a real soldier, only breaking character in limited scenarios and never in a serious situation like a team debrief. Claims of "others don't take it serously" or "I don't care enough" are not valid reasons to break this rule.

1.02 Realistic Driving - The server contains a wide variety of vehicles that have unique capabilities, but players should use common sense when operating vehicles. For example; the AA-Arti has an exceptional ability to drive up near verticle inclines, in real life this could never be done and players should not do this. If it doesn't make sense in real life, don't do it on here.

1.03 Suiciding to save time - This is clear FailRP. Common occurences are when your heli crashes but it does not kill you, and instead of walking to base you kill yourself with a grenade. This is obvious FailRP and is not realistic. Also killing yourself to avoid punishment from police regiments is not allowed. In general, use your common sense.

1.04 Recognising a Spy - You need to use valid RP to identify a spy. Using a glitched playermodel to identify a spy is against the rules, it's not realistic. Recognising a spy by asking to see their weapon, again, is against the rules. You should check their ID card and see if there are flaws.

1.05 Machinery Underwater - Wouldn't work in real life. You can't drive vehicles through extended bodies of water and you can't shoot any mounted weapon that is submerged. Similarly FOB structures, tactical insertions and rally markers shouldn't be placed underwater - how would the electronics work?

1.06 Playing AFK when in RP - If you are active in RP, then you "go AFK" to avoid the RP (e.g. to avoid a kidnap), it's FailRP.

1.07 Shouting "FearRP!" when FearRPing - You would not realistically say this, say something like "Stop and put your hands up".

1.08 Unrealistic Use of Equipment - Using equipment in a way that is unrealistic is against the rules. Common ones are; throwing a grenade at a heli rotor to destroy it, same with grapping hooks on vehicles, or using gravgun on stingers. Use common sense.

1.09 FearRP & Voice Ranges - In a 2:1 situation, even if one player who is trying to put someone under FearRP and is out of voice range, if they are clearly visible alongside the other person then this is fine.

Roleplay Clarifications

2.01 Execution of Goats - Sadly our beloved goats must meet their end at some point! You must have a valid reason to kill goats. Goat curry is tasty!

2.02 Arrests while AFK - An AOS cannot be carried out when a player is AFK, as arrests are in character it doesn't make sense to be arrested while away.

Equipment Clarifications

3.01 Use of Rocket Launchers - Only militia may use RPGs against infantry against a group of 3 or more. You should be taking care using explosives if there is even a small chance of killing infantry. Use your best judgment and have evidence at the ready if you appear to break this rule in any capacity.

3.02 FOB Emplacements - Use common sense with any emplacement weapons and be careful when using them. You can use a KWK to kill helis but not use them to obliterate infantry.

3.03 Realistic Placement of Equipment - You can't place tactical inserts or rally markers in places not reachable by foot. You can't use deployable shields in doorways to block objectives, e.g. blocking a cap radio.

FOB Clarifications

4.01 Number of KWKs - You may only place a MAX of 3 KWKs (In total) on a FOB.

4.02 Realism of Emplacements - You may only place emplacements realistically, this means they may not clip through surroundings and structures. They must be placed on an even, flat surface.

This thread has been intentionally left short - it's very new, and staff will add rulings to it over time. If you're reading this, that means you've arrived a bit early. Thanks for your patience!
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