SCP-7368 by "Mars" (Fan Made)

Item #: SCP-7368
Object Class: Archon
Disruption Class: Vlam
Risk Class: Caution
Writer: Exec. Researcher. "Mars"

Archon-class SCPs are anomalies that could theoretically be contained but are best left uncontained for some reason. Archon SCPs may be a part of consensus reality that is difficult to fully contain or may have adverse effects if put into containment. These SCPs are not uncontainable—the defining feature of the class is that the Foundation chooses to not put the anomaly into containment.

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7369's effects are scattered randomly across the facility and happens strictly based on an unknown system that the foundation is yet to understand. SCP-7369 cannot be contained as it's nature is completely unknown and studies of the anomalous event have given more questions than answers. For now Site-65 has to live with this event and there is currently no possible way for us to understand or prevent it.


SCP-7369 is the event of where the keycard scanners on doors completely disappear into thin air. The reported sightings of these seem to happen at random, but there might be a chance that this happens at someone, or something's discretion. The keycard scanners affected by this will be defined as an instance of SCP-7369-X. Locations where this has been reported goes as follows.

Main Floor Instances:

The first recorded location of this instance is at the Personnel Wing bathrooms entrance door from the Personnel Wing. This area is the most documented and reported instance of the anomalous event and is usually an annoyance to personnel who attempt to leave the Personnel Wing. The second instance I recorded was at the entrance to the Personnel Wing from the bathrooms exit. It seems that the Personnel Wing area is often riddled with this anomalous event and an investigation could be held at that area. Another place within the Personnel Wing area where this event was recorded was at the door to the Medical Bay from the Personnel Wing bathrooms.

Floor 2 Instances:

An area where this event was recorded that was not within the main floor of the facility was at the Floor 2 cafeteria, specifically the first door to the left of the elevator. The last recorded area, during the end of my research (11/12/█), was at the Floor 2 bulkhead towards the lobby area, the last door before the giant room, the keycard scanner there seems to be flowing with anomalous events, it is my most documented area and it seems to happen to some sort of discretion instead of it being random. It was documented that during a raid by the Chaos Insurgency, there was an attempt to hack their way back onto the surface zone, but by some strange shot of luck for the foundation, the keycard scanner kept disappearing whilst they where trying to hack their way out and they where subsequently caught by the foundation.









A few years after the creation of the SCP Foundation Saskatchewan Operational Containment Site (██/██/██) anomalous events where being reported of the keycard scanners disappearing when attempting to reach certain areas. Investigations into the SCP where left with more questions than answers as the event seems to be completely at random. Attempts of recreating the event have been left with nothing and attempts to figure out the nature of it has shown no answers.

On the 10th of █████, 20██. SCP-7368 was given "Archon" classification for it's impossible means to be Secured, Contained or Protected. Seemingly it is just an issue the foundation has to live with. There may also be a possibility that Site-65 itself is an anomalous being and is the reason that we experience these events, but no proof has yet to be brought up to prove this theory.


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Jan 23, 2023
"reality altering events are common during this time as anomalous items are interacting with each other"

Could be one of the reasons this happens, server lag is caused by breaches and chaos


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Nov 7, 2023
why not upload this to the actual SCP website on google, couldnt find the original one with the correct nickname

this is the closest I got but when you click on the link it says it got removed

Dr Random K.

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Game Master
Oct 8, 2023
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why not upload this to the actual SCP website on google, couldnt find the original one with the correct nickname

this is the closest I got but when you click on the link it says it got removed
Because it’s a problem specific to this Garry’s mod server, based on the keypads not being preloaded
Attempting to post it as an actual SCP wouldnt make sense because the fan SCP only makes sense with the server as context