SCP-7722 - "Holy Knight"


Item#: 7722
Clearance Level 3: Secret
Containment Class: Euclid
Disruption Class: Vlam
Risk Class: Danger

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-7722 is to be held within a specialized humanoid containment cell at Site-65, Canada.
The outer chamber door is to be reinforced, weighing no less than seven hundred (700) kilograms. The cell is to be padded in the interior to resemble a Victorian-era leisure room, with all details present, such as bookshelves, a decorative fireplace and other such implementations. An interior door made of fine-crafted oak must be present to match the style of the interior, as to not allow disillusion.

Under no circumstances are Foundation Personnel to engage SCP-7722 in any form of aggression, nor should they openly discuss matters opposing the Christian catholic belief system. SCP-7722 is not to be conversed with by any personnel lacking Clearance Level 3, or with appropriate authorization.

In the event of a containment breach, SCP-7722’s armor must be shattered before attempts at containment. Upon successful recontainment, subject is to be told the following phrase:
“The Foundation is a Christian organization and all of us are children of God.”
Or any sensible deviation of it.

In all cases, SCP-7722 must never be allowed to be within five (5) kilometers from SCP-7722-X, unless an exception is made through written order by the Overseer council as well as the Ethics Committee. Deviations from this rule will not be tolerated.​


SCP-7722 is a suit of armor, resembling a 15th century German knight. It is decorated with symbols of the Teutonic Orders and other catholic motifs.

SCP-7722 wields two distinct weapons, which it can use alternatively. Those weapons being:
  • A Zweihänder (bastard sword) of 1.4 meters length from base of the blade to tip. Cursory attempts to separate this weapon from SCP-7722 have resulted in failure, though theorized weight from indentation left in bulkheads indicate a weight of well over 20 kg (44 lbs), significantly above the average weight of such a weapon​
  • A large crossbow of average make for histological examples wrought from 15th century diagrams.
Attachment: SCP-7722 and its weapons

To be noted that both weapons are resilient to an unexpected degree, both showing a fixed amount of degradation, unchanged since discovery. This degradation does not impede the weapons’ functionality.

SCP-7722 will normally stand unmoving, atop its podium, for prolonged periods of time, without change, unless “disturbed”, or prompted to ‘awaken’

The fundamental sources of disturbance are:
  • Attempts at damaging it
  • Slandering its beliefs or vouching to believe in a different system
  • Direct prompt at conversation with it
  • An unexplained external prompt

After SCP-7722 awakens, it will raise its weapon, most commonly the sword, assessing the environment and entities around it. With the exception of attempts at peaceful conversation, all other cases trigger SCP-7722 to become hostile and engage the “target”. This hostility may extend to those around the initial subject of aggression if SCP-7722 believes them to be valid. Such cases include defending the target from 7722’s attack or having willfully demonstrated ideological contention towards catholic dogma.

SCP-7722 believes itself to be alive, a crusader and knight. Its claimed Christian name is Lazarus, and that name is to be used in any direct conversation with the subject. It confessed to being used as a weapon of war, fighting in crusades and other disputes of a religious subject.

While the subject is unmovable in his beliefs, SCP-7722 appears to be influenced by simple convincing, without much effort. For example, a person claiming another is against Christianity would trigger SCP-7722 to attack said person, unless interrupted by a group of people claiming otherwise. In that case, SCP-7722 will say “I was deceived” and in 85% of cases will turn hostile to the person who ‘deceived’ it.

SCP-7722 is composed of a material designated “living metal”, manifested as a regenerative armor, protecting its otherwise simple and thin build. The regenerative armor distributes all incoming energy equally across the surface, meaning that when it is shattered, it is entirely disabled, rendering its impressive defensive capabilities null for a period of time not persisting past 1 minute without sustained stress.

SCP-7722-X or “relic” is a Globus Cruciger with no identified maker or clear origin. Its composition is primarily 24K gold and platinum. The cross part of the relic features a figure unidentified as of today. SCP-7722-X possesses one anomalous property, which renders viewers mesmerized at the object, finding it ‘beautiful’. The effect is not exceedingly powerful and no incidents were reported due to the object.​


SCP-7722 was discovered by Foundation research during an expedition in Mespelbrunn Castle, Germany. Civilian accounts of a “knight in shining armor” attracted the Foundation's attention after Field Agents discovered and retrieved a certain relic of Templar origin in the Mespelbrunn area.
This relic has been designated SCP-7722-X.

Researcher Hannah Jones was sent to investigate this account, alongside a few MTF operatives, in the guise of a routine safety inspection. In the throne room, SCP-7722 stood motionless atop a small stone podium. Next to it, two (2) bodies were discovered, identified as caretakers of the castle. MTF operative ███████ believed the suit to be inhabited and aimed his weapon at the object, instructing it to “get the [expletive] down”, prompting SCP-7722 to awaken. Shining the weapon’s attached flashlight into the eye holes of the helmet, it revealed the suit to be empty.
Upon discovering that the armor was sentient and mobile, the MTF attempted to restrain and secure the subject, causing SCP-7722 to become hostile and execute the operatives. Researcher Jones then started praying, fearing for her life, at which point SCP-7722 respected her belief, praying alongside her. He then became cooperative with Response teams, leading to its containment within Site-65.​

<Interview Log - 19/02/20██ - 15:21>
Jones: Stating name and rank for the record, Doctor Hannah Jones, Senior Researcher, interviewing SCP-7722. Good afternoon. Can you hear me?
SCP-7722 slowly turns to face Dr. Jones, drawing its sword, before lowering it
SCP-7722: Greetings.
Jones: How should I call you, honorable knight?
SCP-7722: My name is Lazarus.
Jones: Wonderful meeting you. I am Hannah.
SCP-7722: Madam, do you truly believe in the holy lord? Your prayer was moving.
Jones: Which would that be?

SCP-7722 appears to get a bit upset, rhythmically fidgeting with the handle of its weapon

SCP-7722: The Lord Jesus Christ, there is no other.
Jones: Oh, of course, I’ve been a believer since I was little.
SCP-7722: God bless. There are way too many heretics who believe in false gods.
Jones: Well, there are quite a number of other religions around the world…
SCP-7722: And all must be purged, for their mere existence is blasphemous.
Jones: Uhm… right. Thank you for your time, Lazarus, we’re done here.
<End Log - 15:24>

Addendum - Incident SCP-7722_1
A month after its containment in Site-65, Senior Researcher ██████ Fell proposed and authorized further research in the relic. Considering the circumstances of the discovery, SCP-7722-X was brought to the knight’s chamber, in an ornate box.

<CCTV feed - LHCZ-7722-5>
SCP-7722 is already awake, looking at the door in anticipation.

Dr. Fell: Greetings, Lazarus– Oh, you’re awake.
SCP-7722: God bless you, doctor. I’ve been expecting you.
Dr. Fell: Have you now? How so?
SCP-7722: The holy orb, I sense it’s with you.
Dr. Fell: What exactly is it? You seem to know of--
SCP-7722: A miracle from God, given to you ungrateful sinners, through me.
Dr. Fell: Uh, we found it in the same castle we found you, though.
SCP-7722: And you’re here to return it, no? I see your shepherds have made a fitting ark for it.
Dr. Fell: The case? I figured you’d like it.

SCP-7722 approaches the ornate box, opening it and taking SCP-7722-X in its hand.

SCP-7722: Finally, the time has arrived. A new crusade shall begin.
Dr. Fell: Wait, what?
SCP-7722: You will join me. You will all join me, to break the unbelievers and turn the world back to His will!.

The relic starts glowing a golden light. Dr. Fell falls to his knees looking at it.

Dr. Fell: I’ll join you, holy Lazarus.
SCP-7722: Remove this iron egress from our path and let us drive fate back in the glory of the Lord.

Dr. Fell then allows SCP-7722 to breach containment.

<End Feed>

Approximately 44 minutes after SCP-7722’s containment breach, a total of 136 Foundation personnel have joined SCP-7722 in its “crusade”, including several high-ranking and security personnel. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-12 (“Eden Chasers”) has been deployed to the site.
Attempts were made at securing SCP-7722 and removing the relic from its hands, though the attending “crusaders” protected the knight. Approx. two (2) hours later, SCP-7722’s body mass had been reduced to a sufficient degree such that recontainment was feasible. SCP-7722-X was forcibly removed from its clutches, then swiftly recovered.
Soon after, SCP-7722 was disheartened, saying “yet another failed crusade”. It then lowered its weapons and allowed himself to be recontained.
Of the 136 rogue personnel, 73 were terminated due to their attempts at protecting SCP-7722. Of the 63 remaining personnel, 55 were amnesticated with AMN Class C and could safely return to duty. The others were unrecoverable and subsequently terminated.
Due to the result of incident SCP-7722_1, SCP-7722-X is to be kept at a safe distance of minimum five (5) kilometers away from SCP-7722. Under approval of one member of the O5 Council, as well as one member of the Ethics Committee, an exception to that rule can be made.

After the conclusion of this event, D-0095, who was a former painter, submitted the attached artpiece to Dr. Fell, who had been reassigned to SCP-7722 after the fact.

Dr. Fell appeared nostalgic after looking upon the picture. He then withdrew from his 7722 assignment. Withdrawal approved by O5-█.


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