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Conor mc gee

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Oct 27, 2022
Hi all. I couldnt go to the community meeting so could someone tell me what are the new SCP's when they SHOULD be added, what chems will they have in them and what CL will they be thanks


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Sep 21, 2021
@Conor mc gee

  1. SCP-8837 "Graviton"A gravity & space-based SCP, with 6 unique abilities (Compress, Hypergravity, Suspension, Cosmic Blast, Blackhole, Warp) that focus on crowd control and manipulating movement. Its unique containment cell has been custom-built by the Foundation to trick the entity into believing that it is participating in an ongoing moon landing mission.Stand-alone package (edited)

    2. SCP-082 "Fernand the Cannibal"An SCP that focuses on building up 'Gluttony' through combat or passive means. Once at maximum gluttony, SCP-082 can devour the heads of nearby players to perform an instant kill and regenerate HP, scaling with playercount.Free-to-play (levels to be decided)

    3. SCP-3199 "Humans, Refuted"A surface SCP that focuses on hunting. While not particularly strong compared to most SCPs, its strength lies in its unique ability to lay eggs which it can later respawn from. MTF units will need to hunt down these eggs by using the high Hume readings emitted from them, as only destroying every last egg will be sufficient to stop SCP-3199 instances from coming back to life.Free-to-play (levels to be decided)

    4. SCP-427 "Lovecraftian Locket"A locket produced by sending an SCP-500 pill through SCP-914 on very fine, SCP-427 anomalously regenerates cellular damage of players that are exposed to it. Overexposure to SCP-427 will create SCP-427-2 "Flesh Beast" instances, which are animate SCPs that are hostile, but uninfectious. Multiple types of SCP-427-2 instance exist, and not all exposures to SCP-427 will result in transforming into a monster.Free-to-play (CL2, inanimate SCP)

    Any information on what they can sample is currently unknown, Date of release is... next month? Location of SCPs is going to be in HCZ And LCZ, Except for 3199 which will roam surface.
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