[SCP-RP USA] Kenneth/Wrath's Chief of Security Application

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SCP-RP Staff
May 17, 2023
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:96070938
Discord name: k.e.n.n.e.t.h.
For how long have you played on CG SCP: ~700 hours
Age: 22
In what country are you located?: USA
Time zone: CST
Character name(s): Kenneth W / ‘’Wrath’’
Civilian name: Sandsys
What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): SCP-RP USA
Do you have a mic?: Yes
List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:
Holding: GSD Captain Kenneth, MTF Alpha-1 LCPL ‘“Wrath’’, GOC SPC Kenneth S, SCP-096
Held: MTF Nu-7 SGT Kenneth // CI-A

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: 1 warning for FearRP, I could not hear the 01 saying I had a gun to me, but I had no clip to corroborate that fact.

Why are you applying for the Chief of Security?
I am applying for Chief of Security because I believe that I am suited for this position, and it is the next natural step in progressing within the general security department. There are changes I could make within general security for the betterment of the department. For example, one change I suggested was to divide the department into two or three subsections for the HWL and RRT license quota requirements. This is due to the fact most Captains crunch their quota on Saturday. This inevitably leads to a lot of training on Saturday, but a small amount happening throughout the week. It is important to remember that GenSec is the starter combative department, and the Saturday crunch for captain's is not catering to the experience of new players if only one or two tryouts is happening throughout the week. Dividing the days the quotas are due should easily prevent this. Lastly, I am applying for Chief of Security because it builds into my overall goals I have for myself within Site 65, and I believe I am ready to step into a greater leadership position within GenSec.

What makes you suitable for Chief of Security?:
I believe that over my tenor as a GSD Captain, I have shown myself as trustworthy and responsible within the department. I have done all of the tasks assigned to me, and have held my position to a high regard. Additionally, I believe my recent appointment to the trainer team shows that the current and former cheif trusts me enough to be responsible for the training and mentoring of Jr. Captains which is often a first cl4 job for many. I always knew that GenSec would be the first CL4 job I would go for, and ever since I got captain I have had a great time within the department. I have also recently had a part in a few, we will say interesting, situations within GenSec that SA/SC are aware of, and I believe that has shown me to be responsible enough to hold this role. Lastly, I believe my overall status within the community shows that I am suitable for this role. I have never had any punitive action taken against me for any of the roles I hold, as well as only having one warning with 700 hours of playtime on the server.

What are the responsibilities of the Chief of Security in RP?:
The Chief of Security is a senior level 4 position in charge of running the general security department. This entails a variety of different administrative responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities of a Chief of Security is to oversee the captains under them. This may entail helping newer captains understand their role, the promotion or punishment of captains, managing the subdivisions of GenSec, and any other actions needed to best assist and grow the Captains. The Chief of Security is responsible for the composition, editing, and removal of GenSec documents. This can be anything from rewriting the basic GenSec Handbook, to managing the tests for RRT/HWL, etc. The Chief of Security should be in communication with site command and site administration about the state of the department, as well as handling any issues brought to them. The Chief of Security is also one of the highest authorities when it comes to D Block and the management of D-Class personnel. In practicality, what this means is that the Chief of Security is the person responsible for D block and its upkeep. If there is any critical situation involving D block or D-Class, in general it is up to the Chief of Security to resolve these issues.

Lastly, the Chief of Security still inherits the responsibilities of a GSD Captain. The main responsibility that captain’s encounter is the enforcement/instruction of the GSD handbook, code of ethics, and code of conduct. The instruction part is important here, as many GenSec personnel are new to the SCP Foundation, and may need coaching to understand what is expected of them. Additionally, captains are responsible for handling any information breaches that D-Class get ahold of, the response and management of any riots, including the authorization of sweeps, as well as hosting heavy weapons licensing and riot response team tryouts. Although the aforementioned is not required of the Chief of Security, they are obviously able to run tryouts if they want/feel a need to do so.

Please give some lore about your Chief of Security character and what storylines they would be involved in:
Kenneth Williams had a normal life for the typical American kid. At the age of 22 when he graduated college, he was recruited as an officer into the United States Army. However, while working for the army as an intelligence officer, and he was part of the military unit that contained SCP-4510. Upon the military releasing SCP-4510 into the SCP Foundation's custody, Lieutenant Williams was recruited out of the United States Army into the SCP Foundation by ████████. Lieutenant Williams began working in security as a security guard stationed at Site 19 working in securing several of the safe class SCP's stored within the site. However, upon being transferred to site 65, now Sergeant Williams began working within the security wing in charge of D-class personnel. While Sergeant Williams is still newer to the site than most of his colleagues, he still has a desire to serve the foundation in greater ways. Sergeant Williams eventually obtained the rank of captain within the general security department, which is his current position within the SCP Foundation.

As a Captain within the foundation’s General Security Department, Kenneth Williams has achieved many of the goals he set out for when he was first recruited into the SCP Foundation. He has successfully managed D-Block, resolved several of Site-65’s riots, and has successfully lead the riot response team in the containment of many anomalies and CI killings. While working within the general security department, Captain Williams was charged with leading an operation ████ ordered by ████████████. The operations carried out by this squad were extremely successful in the prevention of class D personnel escapes and riots. As a result of his time working in operation ████ Kenneth Williams believes he has honed his skills as a captain. He now believes he is ready to make the step into the role of leading the general security department.

J P Bingus

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Dec 2, 2022
+/- support

I believe you have the capability to become Chief, and certainly do a decent job aswell.

While you seem to have some knowledge about the Chief of Security role, I feel like you miss some key elements as to what a CoS really is for their Captains and for GSD as a whole.


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Sep 12, 2023
+ support
amazing guy, as a captain and as other roles
Knows what hes doing
very friendly, and fun to roleplay with
dedicated to his roles
definetly one of my favorite captains to work for

Ray Freeman

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Aug 1, 2023
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Kenneth is a good Captain, he is very helpful and professional. I think he should be promoted to the Chief of Security


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Oct 23, 2022
From: lunaro@scp.fnd.ca
To: Kenneth
Subject: Application Verdict


Greetings Kenneth,

Thank you for having the interest & taking the time to apply for the Chief of Security. This message is to inform you that your application for the position has been unfortunately denied. After much deliberation, Site Administration has decided to deny your application and move forward in another direction.

If you would like to discuss manners further, you may reach out to me over email (Discord: bumblebees_).

You may reapply in 2 weeks after this message is posted.

Kind regards,
Site Director “Lunaro”
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