Skyrics JAF MSGT Appeal (level 3)

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Mar 23, 2021
Name: Skyric
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:94257433
Level of appeal (2 or 3): I Guess Level 3 (was told to make one by SA)
Have you already carried out a level 1 appeal - please give details: N/A
Who did you carry out the level 1 appeal to, and where: N/A
Rank demoted from: JAF MSGT
Who demoted you?: Alexandria
Date of demotion?: 16/09/2023
What is the case against you?: Got Blacklisted and Demoted for " Damaging regimental health, refused orders from NHC"
Is this true?: Refusing order from NHC yes due to the fact NHC thinks JAF can waste all heli stocks within 1 war and fly next war, and honestly i did pm a PVT saying something along the lines of "dont join JAF since the NHC likes to blame us for anything they want to" (as this isnt the first time NHC think they can make JAF feely shitty about ourselves also itsnt the first time NHC blames solely JAF on losing wars)
Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?: Never
Please list any previous roleplay demotion appeals: None
What is your side of the story?:

Honestly it all started when we was losing Border and Capturing Settlement in war and Alexandria was saying about the people Capping settlement should go back and defend border and whilst this was said Myself and Tad lost a Viper to an NWO Heli, so we respawned and Alexandria was saying stuff like "JAF take out more helis" "JAF Why arent you taking any helis up" over VA so i simply said "no we arent taking any helis up since we have low stocks and callouts are bad" (and apparently this is Disobeying orders) so thankfully i had stockpiled the Viper so we decided to take up the last viper , so after the war we went to DB and had a DB and Alexandria wanted Me, JAF MSGT Smuffin and 4 17th members to stay behind to talk to us, so we stayed behind and Alexandria started to have ago at us for Disobeying orders because we was all sat on Settlement capping it instead of defending border (even tho i was flying) and demoted Smuffin on the spot for it and our JAF Captain Tad wasnt standing for this because he knew we was flying the viper, so he spoke up and immediately got shut down by alexandria and made to do the PT the rest of us was forced to do, once doing the PT we walked to Settlement and was forced to say "we will not cap settlement but defend border" so we all did this and went back to back, after getting back to base i went straight out of base to go build up an FOB (mainly cuz i was pissed off about this hole situation) and then i got kidnapped by NWO in a Vodnik, so once taken back to the NWO base i was interrogated by a AOR and whilst being negotiations was happening BGEN Freeman decided to announce in Open Comms that im now Demoted and Blacklisted from JAF, so once i eventually got back to base i got kidnapped by SAS and tortured by a SAS LT Bulldog and i RPed the situation and all of a sudden he turns around and says your now blacklisted from JAF and removes me.
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Oct 8, 2021
Please carry out a level 1 appeal to Alexandria before going straight to a level 3.
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