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Jan 9, 2022
Original Steam login name (your accounts first ever name): Hunter835
How many hours of playtime do you have? (vtime_menu in console): Around 150 hours
Age: 21
In what country are you located?: Saudi arabia.
Time zone: GMT+3 or AST
In-game name: Altair
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:523296930
Discord ID: Reverence#2494
Do you have a mic?: Yes.
Is this the first application you made? If no, link all previous applications: Yes this is my first application.
Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?: Only one kick for being AFK to make space for other players.
Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community?: I do i was a senior admin on one server also used to VOD a lot back in the day so i am familiar with commands and how sits work.
Do you have any previous experience with serious roleplay?: Yes, I have played on many serious roleplay servers on garry's mod and FiveM
How many hours can you be on everyday?: Around 7 hours
Why do you want to become a moderator for our server?:
I would love to help moderate the server and reduce the pressure on the staff members while also help new players i know the server just launched a week ago and there has been way to much going on ranging from simple staff tickets to a lot of rule violations and i would like to help prevent this i am always online during the time most staff are afk/offline which i believe would be so helpful.

What do you think you would be able to help us with on the server? Why are you special over the other applicants?: I have a lot of past experience as a staff member and know how to deal and defuse situations, i am very active during the morning, i have been playing on civil networks for well over 3 years now i am always fair with everyone and treat everyone with respect and professionalism i am planning to dedicate as much time as possible into moderating the server and help everyone while also help the server grow.


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Dec 28, 2020
+Active in-game
-Haven't see you on ts3
+Haven't had a problem with you
+Decent application


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Dec 25, 2020
Hello @River,

I will be giving you a +support for the following reasons;

+ You are active in-game
+ I haven't had any bad interactions with you
+ From what i am reading, you have staff experience.

- Haven't seen you on ts3
- Your application could use some effort such as formatting.

Good luck on your application.

Captain Obvious

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Mar 5, 2022
United Kingdom
Hi @River , I'm going to give you a:

+ Support
+ I've seen you a bunch in-game.
+ I've seen you a fair amount in teamspeak.
+ Great RP from you, all the times I've interacted with you, it has been great fun!
+ A friendly and approachable character.
+ Your lack of warnings, especially arrestment to your incredible amount of hours you've accumulated in the short space of time the server has been live.
+ Good application.

Good to see you've made an application. You seem like a nice guy and you've played an incredible amount of time, this I wish you the best of luck in your application!


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Mar 27, 2022
Application Accepted

Hi @River ,

Thanks for taking the time to make a moderator application.

Congratulations on having your application accepted, please join the Interview Waiting Room in TeamSpeak and put "Waiting for Interview" in your name so we can proceed with the next stage of the process.​
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