[UK] Ella "Rose" Rayman DoIA Application

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Mar 7, 2023
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:580887168

Discord name: eraven
For how long have you played on CG SCP: Roughly 37 Days according to the 1 year achievement
Age: 18
In what country are you located?: UK
Time zone: BST
Character name(s): Evie “Raven” Steel, Ella Rayman. (Had Eren Raven but not used anymore)
Civilian name: E. Raven
What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA): SCP UK
Do you have a mic?:Yes
List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:

  • IA Ambassador (held 26/3/23 - 8/8/23)
  • Ethics Committee Assistant (holding - since 30/4/23)
  • IA Ambassador (holding - since 16/1/2)
  • Overseer Assistant (holding - since 5/2/24)
Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:

  • 2 RDM Warnings on my first day on the server, however these were falsely reported to be me in the wrong and the correct person did get punished however mine were never removed and at the time i wasnt aware of the appeals/complaints system.
  • 1 combat cuffing warn however this was due to a misinterpretation of the rules on my behalf before they were further clarified by staff. This was an issue I accept responsibility for and have ensured that I am fully up to date with rule clarifications and ensure I know in what situations a rule would and wouldn’t apply.
    All of these warnings are long expired
  • I also have a large number of AFK kicks from writing documentation as I try to ensure all of my documentation work is to the highest possible standard.

Why are you applying for Director of Internal Affairs:

The first reason I am applying for Director of Internal Affairs is to increase the RP within the department. This process has been started with the introduction of the new subdivision within IA. Whilst this group has not had much of an opportunity to create and involve themselves in RP there are plans made for them that are yet to be rolled out. However there have been several delays within to starting the subdivision fully and starting to get members however it is something that is ready to begin.

I also plan to increase the amount of trainings and lectures done by the department to increase the standard of the regular agents. This would also include a number of cross trainings with other departments and the MTFs as this is something that I feel has potential but is just never done.

As a department I believe there is the opportunity to act as much more than a police force that I feel we are not taking advantage of. I also want to work with the other departments to create new policies about how to further utilize the department’s personnel. An example of this would be working alongside E-11 and the Department of Research to create guidelines for IA overseeing testing, especially in regards to 1162 and 914 testing. I also want to bring back the points of interest and agent assignment system that has somewhat disappeared recently as that will allow the department to find those onsite who break the FLC.

I also want to toughening the department’s introductory training, my reasoning for this is that I want to make IA more approachable and professional which at this time just isnt really the case with the number of people who come to abuse the power that comes with the Agent/Operative job role.

What makes you suitable for Director of Internal Affairs?:

I have a large amount of experience in the position of ambassador, this gives me an in depth knowledge of how the Department of Internal Affairs works already and my time as both ECA and now as an OSA has really shown me how all levels of the site interact with each other.

It has also shown me areas that need to be improved on in the department from both internal and external Unfortunately some of these issues I am unable to deal with at this time with my current position as ambassador however since the reassignment of the last director I have been presented with an opportunity to step up and assist with leading the department and making these changes. My positions at jr CL4 have also taught me the leadership skills needed for taking charge of a department. Alongside my willingness to make the changes, I feel like this is proven by how upon rejoining the ambassadorial team I began to work on the AIA subdivision talking to departmental and site command to get the details sorted.

I am also very good at taking a neutral and fair side in any cases that may require me to act as such. In this role I am capable of ensuring that evidence stands taller and louder than any feeling or emotions that may be connected to the situation. This had been shown through the series of investigations I have run into the department itself, within these investigations I acted on all information gathered on wrongdoing of agents despite any preference I might have for them. This skill is vital for the role of Director as you are often required to mediate more serious situations that require a large amount of impartiality.

During my previous time as Ambassador I have shown I can take the lead with myself often taking control of the actions of Internal Affairs agents during situations such as Code 5s and Code Blacks, This lead to a period of time where I recorded a 90% non-combatant evacuation within the first 10 minutes of a code black situation and there was frequently agents operating Checkpoint Charlie during code 5s. Sadly this period of time had ended but I do have plans to encourage agents to do their duties fully as well as ensuring these duties are fully covered and tested during the Internal affairs training if I was successful in my application to the position of Director.

I also have many ideas for the department, ranging from creating and encouraging ambassadors to run lectures and trainings to getting the wide agent body involved in investigations that do not require any sort of high classification. I also want to increase the usage and standards of documentation past basic arrest reports.

I believe all of these ideas would act to benefit the department as a whole and improve the ways in which the Department of Internal Affairs interacts and ensures the smooth running of the site through ensuring that all personnel correctly follow the foundation legal codex. My ideas would also serve to interest more people into the work of the department so that we consistently have a number of active agents who are better equipped to enforce the FLC.

I also plan to make very heavy use of the ambassador team in regards to changes that I make and accepted ambassador applications as two directors can only see so much but a whole team of ambassadors will see a lot more so will create a larger pool of experience to draw opinions on and I feel like this is something that hasnt happened to the extent that it should have.

I also have to mention that I admit my presence on-site is not massive in regards to IA, this is due to the fact that I have spent a large amount of time creating the documentation that is required to effectively run a subdivision, however now that it is completed my activity levels will rise again.

What are the responsibilities of the Director of Internal Affairs in RP?:

  • The Director of Internal Affairs acts as the highest member of the department, being the go to for any ambassadors with questions about policies or procedures.
  • They also are responsible for creating such policies and ensuring that they are correctly followed by the ambassadors
  • The Director serves as a point of contact for SA and SC for the department. The director can also act as a middleman when it comes to ambassadors contacting such entities should the ambassador not be able to contact them personally.
  • The directors are responsible for accepting and interviewing for new ambassador positions in an unbiased way based on the application and the departmental leadership’s views on the person applying

Please give some lore about your Director of Internal Affairs character and what storylines they would be involved in:

Ella Rayman - gender female.
Age - 22
Parents - site director Helen Rayman (deseased), Executive Researcher Jeremy Rayman (deseased)

Both of her parents were members of the Clearance level 4 personnel at site [REDACTED] due to this fact her parents activated protocol FD90 shortly after Ella’s 18th Birthday.

After passing the 2 primary mental health assessments Ella was granted her level 0 clearance. Later that month, whilst attending an on-site funeral for a colleague of her father in the research department, she met the Director of Internal Affairs for Site [REDACTED] ( Director [REDACTED] Sabus) who started to explain his job to a very fascinated Ella. After conversation with her mother and the Director of Internal affairs at site 12 and secured her a place as an Ambassador after a training and probationary period as an agent.

Sadly during her time as an ambassador within Site-12 her mother at Site [REDACTED] had to detonate the on-site nuclear warhead to prevent a mass breach of keter class SCPs due to treasonous actions of staff in the foundation. The news of this incident greatly saddened Ella however it also strengthened her will to work to protect the foundation and its staff as a whole from those that seek to harm it.

After this event Ella became harsher with her punishments and stricter with the enforcement of the Foundation’s Legal codex. This calm and friendly but harsh sense of justice earned her the codename “Rose” with her agents this caught on and she replaced the standard Foundation assigned codename with the chosen one of “Rose”.

Not long after this Ambassador “Rose” was contacted by the ethics committee in site-65 with a transfer request and promotion as site-65 had recently lost a valued director of its Internal Affairs Department.
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Aug 25, 2023
-Has brought great ideas to the department and is competent for Director position.
-Longest serving ECA at the moment

Lucía "Skibble"

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Oct 20, 2022

very ethical person, hasn't yet tribunal'd me for my habit of unethically terminating d class


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Apr 6, 2023
New Email Received
From: The Ethics Committee
Subject: Departmental Lead Application

>>Open Email

Attached: Position Request Results

A Letter from the Ethics Committee

Good Day Ms Rayman,

You have applied for the position of Director of Internal affairs. We thank you for being so enthusiastic about taking on this stressful and challenging position. Your willingness and eagerness to develop your stance within the Foundation has been noted and is greatly appreciated. We have observed and reviewed your tenure within the department of Internal Affairs, how you've conducted yourself, your initiatives and projects.

After deliberating with the Committee regarding your request, we have come to a unanimous agreement. This request has been denied . We hope this decision does not cause any discourse or offence, the Ethics Committee has thoroughly reviewed all applicants fairly and equally and had decided you would not be suited to this position at this moment in time, that is of course, subject to change.

Thank you for your interest.

Have a lovely day,
Ethics Chairman Oisín McKenna
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