Denied UK Suggestion for e-11 bunks

This suggestion has been denied and will not receive development.
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Pew pew

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May 27, 2023
What does this suggestion change/add/remove:
This Suggestion Adds a Weapon Attachment NPC TO E-11 Bunks

Has something similar been suggested before? If so, why is your suggestion different?:
No not with the keywords i have used to search with
Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2):
People in hcz can go to e11 bunks to switch out attachments E-11 can swap out attachments On their guns when they Spawn on site
Possible Negatives of the suggestion:
Crowding In e-11 bunks

Based on the Positives & Negatives, why should this suggestion be accepted:
This Suggestion should be accepted based on the postives and negatives due to it being helpful to most of the Playerbase on this server and helpful during Code 5's

Simon "Kitton" A.

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Apr 16, 2022
- Support

Literally why, if you would always have to reequip the attachments always id understand but like... why


Senior Administrator
Senior Administrator
SCP-RP Staff
Content Team
Group Moderator
May 23, 2022
Suggestion Denied

Hi @Pew pew,

Thanks for taking the time to make a server suggestion.

The Content Team has chosen to deny your suggestion because this is not necessary and you can go to SS to grab an attachment.

Your suggestion will now be locked and marked as denied.​
Not open for further replies.