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Rev. Doofster Runner

Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator
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Jun 27, 2022
OOC Information
Steam ID:

Discord name:

For how long have you played on CG SCP:
787 Hours


In what country are you located?:

Time zone:
AEST (10+ GST)

Character name(s):
Rev. Doofster Runner - Current Foundation Character
Muhammad Runner - Current Chaos Insurgency Character
Doofster "Celtic" Runner - Previous GOC Character

Civilian name:
Alexander "Rockstar" Runner - Current Civilian Character

What server are you applying for? (SCP-RP UK or SCP-RP USA):

Application Info
Do you have a mic?:
- Yes I have a microphone

List all whitelisted, MTF, or CI roles that you hold or have held:
- Intelligence Ambassador - Previously Position
- Intelligence Director - Previously Held
- CI Beta - Currently Held
- Overseer's Assistant - Currently Held
- Ethics Assistant - Currently Held
- O5-5 - Previously Held
- Site Advisor - Previously Held

Have you received any kicks/bans/warning? and why?:
- I have received no warnings/kicks/bans.

What Ethics Committee Role are you applying for and why?
- Applying for Ethics Committee Member to assist with the day to day running's, as well as the documentation organization. I also aim to bring a more active Ethics Member for D-Class and Foundation personal complaints with One on One private sessions for those who request.

What makes you the best candidate for The Ethics Committee?:

While I use to have hostilities towards the Committee, over the last month, I have come to realize their benefits to the safety, sanity, and security of Site 65 and the Foundation as a whole, and aim to bring about the Three S's of Ethics to bring across my goals and approach to the foundation.

I believe myself to be someone who is knowledgeable of the Code of Ethics, and always on the ground among the Foundation, allowing for them to have a sense of trust in confiding within me issues about their department, personal, or anything in particular.

While I have a past of hostilities in my words, I don't mean harm by them, and aim to talk and treat all as equals among myself, my peers, and my work colleagues, having a joke and a chin waggle among the men who make the Foundation the place it is today, whether Researcher, MTF, Chef, or even D-Class.

I think I'm perfect for Ethics due to these reasons, and want to allow for Ethics to become a more approachable group, for all those with complaints, issues, or concerns towards their own and others safety, sanity, and security. For I don't wish to join Ethics for my own gain, but to allow for others to make their own personal gains and progress throughout the Foundation in a safe, and enjoyable, work environment.

What are the responsibilities of Ethics Committee in RP?:

The Ethics Committee have the task, and to some burden, of keeping the morality of the Foundation in check, whether it be making sure that D-Class personal are treated with their basic human rights, or having a one on one with Foundation personal who are worried about their own works impact on their sanity or karma.

The Ethics Committee keep the Foundation from becoming evil through the following;
- Maintaining the Foundation keeping inline with the Code of Ethics
- Making sure D-Class personal are treated with the basic human rights they are entitled to
- Approving/Denying cross testing of SCPs to make sure that the safety of Foundation personal is kept as a top priority
- Overseeing the work of the O-1 MTF Unit
- Overseeing the work of Internal Affairs in assisting them in keeping the Code of Ethics upheld by Foundation staff
- Overseeing new implementations to the Foundation to make sure they are in accordance with the Code of Ethics
- Maintaining a positive and friendly work environment, where while rank exists, all are treated as people and co-workers

What are the responsibilities of the Ethics Committee out of RP (e.g. what applications do they handle?):

The Ethics Committee deal with the Applications of; Director of Medicine, Ethics Assistant. They also jointly deal along side the O5 Council with the Applications of; Director of Internal Affairs

LOGIN: ████████

PASSWORD: ██████████


"Slow ass machines..."

WELCOME BACK: Mr. ██████████






FILE RECIEVED: Rev. ████ Peter ████

Name: █████ Peter █████

Sex: Male

Age: 20

Height: 6'1"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

Reason for Incarceration:


- 4 Counts of Murder of a State Officer

- 2 Counts of Murder of a Federal Officer

- 7 Counts of Armed Robbery

- 126 Counts of Illegal Weapons Manufacturing

- 82 Counts of Illegal Weapon Distribution


- 45 Counts of Harming Non-Hostile Civilians in War

- 1 Count of Chemical Warfare


Mr ██████ was born in 2001 to Peter and Cathy █████ in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia on the 08/03 at 0313. Mr █████ was found to be a troublemaker child, but seemingly had no severe punishments given out. His school reported him as a bright, if lazy, student, who wasted his intelligence, instead choosing to pursue hobbies like cryptology. Mr █████ parents filed for divorce in 2009, causing a severe drop in academic grades, and an increase in his behavioural issues. At the age of 14, Mr █████ received his first criminal record for starting an "illegal betting ring" at his school, requiring him to cease the operation and pay a fine of $400 AUD. Mr ████ behaviour improved after the criminal incident and graduated high school at the age of 17, shortly thereafter enlisting into the Royal Australian Navy as a Cryptologic Officer. Commissioned as a Lieutenant, Mr █████ went off to operate in peacekeeping missions of the coast of Saudi Arabia. After 8 months of service, Mr ████ led Operation "Trigger Happy", a joint operation with the UN to eliminate a high ranking Taliban officer, which Mr ████ deduced was hiding in a small town off the coast. Before approval, Mr █████ got word that the target was leaving the town, and wanting to avoid this opportunity, Mr ████ ordered the bombardment of the area, including the use of White Phorsourace by the Saudi Arabian Troops assisting in the operation. After the bombardment settled, radio communications came in that Mr ████ information was wrong, and he had attacked the wrong target, causing a large number of civilian casualties, as well as authorized the use of an illegal weapon of war. Mr ████ was ordered back to Australia, but when arrived, Mr ████ was nowhere to be found, later being confirmed to have abandoned ship off the coast of the Northern Territory of Australia and now in hiding.

2 Months after his disappearance, word in Queensland reached the Australian Federal Police of a man fitting the description the UN had given them, of a weapons dealer and local musician who ran and operated a smuggling and manufacturing ring of illegal firearms out of a small town, south west of Newcastle. Further reports came in from the Queensland State Police that the weapons ring was led by Mr █████ and his two brothers, █████ and █████. After a month long investigation, the Australian Federal Police, along with the Queensland State Police, successfully led a sting operation at a local bar where Mr ████ was found playing a show. Australian Federal Agents captured Mr █████, but his brothers █████ and █████ managed to escape.

Mr ██████ was extradited to the UN International Court of Justice to undergo trial for his crimes while in the Royal Australian Navy, as well as for his Federal crimes by the Australian High Court, who wanted to try him remotely. He will be tried by the Honourable Joses of the UN International Tribunal.

Addendum 1.1:

Mr ██████ was found guilty of all crimes presented to the UN Security Council, and has been given the death penalty. His execution date is to be determined at a later date, for now he will be incarcerated in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre, and is to remain in Solitary Confinement until his execution date is confirmed.

Addendum 1.2:

Mr ██████ was admitted to the medical ward of the Metropolitan Correctional Centre due to self inflicted damage to his eyes in an attempt to be released from solitary confinement. Doctors were able to save his eyesight for now, but they believe it will be unlikely to heal, and degrade over time.

Addendum 1.3:

Mr ██████ has been executed, all remains were burnt and his ashes given to ████████████ for storage. All documentation is to be destroyed under order of ██████.

"Access Audio Files"



PLAYING - audiofile1.mp3

"Wakey wakey Mr ██████"

The sound of rattling chains can be heard, as metal loops scrape against a metal table.

"What the... Who the fuck are you?!"

"I'm the man who just might save your life, so I'd listen well if I was you"

The tapping of finger nails on a metal table can be heard as the metal chain scrapes harder against the table

"I don't care who the fuck you are! UN, Federal Police, my fucking mother, I don't care! So let me out of these fucking chains before we have a problem you suited prick"

A small chuckle is heard as the tapping on the table stops, footsteps are heard

"I'm none of those things you said, in fact, I'm much worse, so quiet down for a second and let me tell you how you can get out of here alive. Ok?"

The chains stop scrapping and a deep breathes are heard as the person in chains exhales in exhaustion

"Good... Now I work with a very special group, that take scum like you, and let them turn their lives around."

"So you're a suit who wants to rehabilitate me? Yea I'm sure the UN really wants that after they just said I'm guilty and going to be shot in a short time."

"My boy, we don't answer to the UN, they answer to us. So are you interested?"

A scoff is heard

"Sure pal, fucking inspire me on how I'm gonna live"



audiofile1.mp3 CORRUPTED

"God damn... open D-Class file"



D-1402 FILE

Name: D-1402

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6'1"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

Reason for Incarceration:

Brought from UN International Court of Justice to serve 2 months as D-Class personnel at Site-56

Medical Report:

D-1402 shows serious psychological damage and is likely to be a troublemaker to Foundation staff. Seems to have an addiction to morphine however which could be used to leverage good behaviour from him.

Future reports of D-1402 should be taken after each test or physical confrontations to see if his mental state worsens.


D-1402 has shown to be not as physically hostile as we initially predicted, he has shown to have a gift of manipulation and coercion of his fellow D-Class personnel. Risks of riots being conducted by the persons should be noted as his silver tongue could lead to such an issue should he feel the need to start one.


D-1402 has exhibited a keen interest in SCP-049 after interaction with him during the latest 049 breach. 049 was seemingly talked down by D-1402 and assisted in getting the anomaly successfully re-contained by MTF personal. D-1402 seemingly has done this in an attempt to shorten his sentence as he stated in his medical check after this breach.


At the request of ██████, D-1402 files are to be destroyed, with medical files only being saved to a Clearance Level 4+. D-1402 shall be transferred to the Intelligence Department under the care of Department Deputy Director Jules.


"Open Foundation Employment File"




Name: Rev. Doofster Runner

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6'1"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

Department: Internal Affairs

Clearance Level: 3


- Intelligence Agent

- Intelligence Ambassador

- Intelligence Director

- ███████ Assistant

- Ethics Assistant

- Site Advisor

- ████-5 "The ████"

Rev. Doofster Runner is currently one of a few Site Advisors at Site-56, also assisting the Ethics Committee, for both jobs he overseers Intelligence and Internal Affairs. Rev. Doofster Runner has shown dedicated to the Foundation and Site-56 since his employment.


- Operation Trainee

Successful Operation that led to the capturing of a DELCOM of the Chaos Insurgency, as well as the town of Pinewood ceasing co-operation with the Chaos Insurgency

- Silver Tongue

Successfully talked down SCP-682 and SCP-049 on multiple occasions, making deals with them to coerce them back into containment in exchange for items deemed worth sacrificing to stop a continued Code 5

- Documentation

Incredibly work in documentation for the Intelligence Department, Ethics Committee and the ██ Council

- Operation Lone Ranger

Worked along side ██ MTF Unit with approval from the Ethics Committee, in capturing or killing a Ranger who was found to have accessed Foundation files and extracted them to the Pinewood Rangers Database. The Ranger was successfully killed my ██ MTF Unit and the Ranger Database was rerouted for all future content to be sent to the Intelligence Department of Site-56 to allow for pre-emptive strikes against the Rangers if further data is found to be stolen. All data stolen was recaptured and wiped from Ranger databases.

- Doctorate

During his time working in the Foundation, Doofster has earned his Medical Doctorate in Psychology, Doctorate of Religious Studies, as well as finished his Musical Theory Doctorate, making him one of the few Intelligence based personal with multiple doctorates.

- The Anomalous CHEF

Successfully found and placated a Foundation Personal who was found to be an unstable SCP with the ability to rebirth himself from thin air once his previous brain had been killed. The SCP has been deemed safe enough by ████-6 to remain as part of the Culinary team of Site-56 under the care of Rev. Doofster Runner

- The Man of Faith

Now, Rev. Doofster Runner, throughout his time at Site-56, has seemed to form an interest in SCP-7722, leading him to become a registered Reverend under the Canadian Bibles and Churches Seminary. He has used his new faith and title to attempt to raise morale at Site-56 by beginning the following; weekly church sermons, counselling for those struggling mentally or spiritually, conversational bible studies with SCP-7722 and Foundation personal. It is unusual to say the least in a place of science, but his faith and passion in his speeches has shown to increase personal morale. The Ethics Committee at the time has deemed his sermons to be beneficial to Site Personals morale, and has been permitted to do these sermons with an understanding to keep it in line with what is acceptable at the Foundation.


"Open file O5-5 The Priest"



"Override under authority of Administrator"



Position: 05-5

Codename: The Priest

Status: MIA

████ also known as, "The Priest" joined the O5 Council as O5-5 to oversee relations between the Ethics Committee and the Council, as well as the Intelligence Department. "The Priest" has become synonymous with their walking stick, and often can be found near Medical Wing. "Wkh Sulhvw" kdv vkrzq wr srvvhv dqrpdorxv vljkw wkurxjk wkh vxujlfdo lpsohphqwdwlrq ri VFS-939 delolwlhv iru wkh xvh ri prwlrq ghwhfwlrq, wkhb zhuh dovr jlyhq wkh jliw iurp R5-13 "████".




"What the fu... Run diagnostics"




"That son of a... Decode"



"Wha... show the file"


Name: ████

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6'1"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

Rank: Major

Position: Ambassador

Status: KIA

██████ was invited to the UNGOC by GEN █████ of the Pinewood region after being found to have resigned from their position of █████ at Site-56. ██████ is to be designated Major "Celtic", and to be assigned as an Ambassador to Site-56 to improve relations. The UN Security Council has approved for forgiveness of █████'s previous actions against the UN, and their record is to be wiped from UNGOC databases under order of Security Council Member █████ of the United Kingdom after a successful majority vote.


Major "Celtic" has provided evidence to the UN of a Foundation cover up under the name of Camp █████. Documentation has been recovered and the UN Council has requested the document.


Major "Celtic" has been non-compliant in supplying the information of Camp ████ to the Security Council. Further warnings to "Celtic" will result in termination of their assignment and position.


After conflict with the Chaos Insurgency in the Pinewood region, Major ███ "Celtic" ███ has been deemed KIA. No body was discovered, however the remains that were found was their berat. Their remains are to be sent to Dxvwudold iru exuldo zlwk plolwdub krqruv




"Computer Shutdown"


"KIA... Well least that's one less loose end for me"

"DOOFSTER you better be writing up the report I asked for Gensec!"

"Yea yea I got it... Somethings never change I guess..."
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May 17, 2022
+ Support

Doofster has done many amazing things in this foundation, no doubt has the experience for this position, and amazing vibes from Doofy! Good luck!!!

Coral Lycensoft

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Feb 27, 2023
Look, me and you may of had our small dissagreements, but i aprechiate your critisism. I've known you for a long while, both as an eca and your coordinator. So i'll give you my opinion on you.

You're a good leader.
You have the propper experience.
You treat people fairly.
You're honest. Even if the truth is hurtful.
- I have had problems with you in the past, but me and you have always managed to talk them out to understand one anothers views better. And this communication is something thats vital. Especially for an ECM.

Best of luck to you doofster

-Assistant Coral Lycensoft

Current ECA
Prior Consultant
Prior NU7 PVT



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Oct 26, 2022
Incoming Message From: Ethics Committee Chairman Randal Murphy



Greetings, Doofster.

In regards to your application for
ETHICS COMMITTEE MEMBER, after Committee Vote; your application has been unfortunately denied.

Please contact the Chairman at his email address for questions. (asomeJFK#7561)

You may re-apply for this position in
2-weeks time.
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