049 Prequel

Title: The Plague Doctor's Regret

Story: The Year Is 485

A young French man named Lionel Essinger was walking through his father's farm, located north of Paris.

It was a simple life, his home was made of wood and stone, inside were two rooms with a loft, which Lionel lived in. The animals that were kept were chickens, pigs, horses, cows, and a few goats.

Lionel was not an ordinary child, as he had a great interest in human anatomy and how the human body works.

His interest soon became an obsession, soon he started dissecting cadavers, this was not easy, as the only cadavers he could get were from homeless people, his parents didn't approve of his "work".

One night, Lionel was trying to dissect a man, as he opened up the man's head, he noticed some sort of parasitic worm-like creature inside, this was quite abnormal, as the only living things that could withstand the head's environment was mushrooms and bacteria, but this didn't look anything like a fungus, this looked like a true creature.

It looked up at Lionel, it opened its mouth and began to speak...

"Who are you, what have you done to my host?"

Lionel gasped "
How do you even know that? Have you always been here?"

"I was here first, I have always been here."

What are you?"

"I do not know, I have been here before the planet was born, before life began."

Can you leave?"

"I cannot leave...my body cannot survive without a host."

You're not from this world then?"

"I am from a world beyond your's, I was once a worm, a small creature at the bottom of the ocean, then I evolved...now i have power...power that is beyond your comprehension."

Did you possess the dead body?"

"Yes, I used this body to communicate to this world."

So, you can possess people?"

"Yes. I can possess living creatures, as well as dead ones."


After several minutes of silence

"So why is someone as talented as you wasting his life away? You could have been the greatest doctor that this planet has ever seen!"

So i could be like you?"

"Yes...join me, become my host, and we'll leave this planet, explore other worlds...together!"

Lionel was silent, he was considering the worms words

Yes...I will join you"

"Then let me in...let me in..."

Lionel opened his mouth and let in the worm, the worm entered his mouth, and entered his throat, the rest of the story is a mystery.

I'm not good at writing, i tried but i don't think it's good enough.
But i hope yall like my threory