DarkRP revamp


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Dec 24, 2020
What does this suggestion change/add/remove:

Jobs update:

  1. Mob boss - change the playermodel, give him something special the only thing he gets is a lockpick, add more slots
  2. Kidnapper - make it so you can have the cuffs for unlimited use, change the playermodel
  3. Advanced chemist - the second freezer is pointless, you wait too much time because of the combier so make the combiner faster
  4. Chemist - lower the prices of the ingredients or just completely change the cooking system, its been the same for ages
  1. Add unlockable pd jobs, these jobs would be either accessible with tokens or leveling system.
  2. Add leveling system or ranking system - The leveling system --> would be similar to the xp system, you would have certain challenges to level up and you would be able to unlock jobs, weapons, even arrest buttons for the swat team etc. Ranking system --> you would be able to unlock a job after some amount of playtime -> 20 hours of swat job would unlock you better swat job etc. Or ranking system number 2 -> you would need to apply to get the job and would not be as strict as CGSF application. Both systems seems good to me but id prefer the leveling system.
  3. CGSF revamp - bring back the new ranking system plus add more ranks. Ranks --> Private first class(begginers to the team), Private second class(experienced and active members), Specialist or Corporal(would replace advanced sniper), Sergeant(similar to breacher but would not have had as much hp and armor like breacher has and would be given better weapons than private ranks), Lieutenant(would replace breacher), Bomb specialist(would be equipped with a rocket launcher, one frag granade and one gas granade, only one would be allowed) Captain and Commander
  4. Bring back CGSF trainee --> would be unlockable with leveling or ranking system and would be the highest rank obtainable in the leveling or ranking system. Thanks to this job it would be more easier for the people to get accepted as a full member the CGSF team.
  5. Change the mayors bodyguard, mayors daughter, mayors wife, SWAT sniper, swat, swat team leader and swat medic playermodels.
Career Criminals:
  1. Change herbalist playermodel, add him to the criminal list insted of misc
  2. Hitman - allow more reasons for the hit to be accepted, change the playermodel to the old one
  3. Add more bounty boards to the map
Gun dealers:
  1. Change the playermodels
  2. Make it so that all the weapons are buyable except the rare weapons from the gun dealers and black market dealer
  3. Change black market dealer playermodel
  1. Chef - update the conent or allow the job to make some good amout of money, maybe add an leveling system that would let you make more money.

  1. Map change - would be nice to see a new map, keep in mind that CC maps are too big for the current CG playercount
  2. Add the postman job
  3. Add the busdriver job
  4. Add the taxi job
  5. Bring back hoverboards
  6. Add the CC cuffs to pd
  7. Add more cars
  8. Add the CC mobile phone
  9. Bring back buyback
  10. Add the firefighter job
  11. Add more easy and effective ways to make money other than basing(programmer job that would be a new job and your task would be to make some easy programs etc, pd with more wages, chef job that is actually fun etc)
  12. Edit the wages
  13. Balance all the weapons
  14. The new players should recieve a notification about all the tutorials
  15. Make conglometare armor permanent like the armor upgrade but expensive
  16. Add more upgrades to the orgs(printers, hp, weapon on spawn etc)
  17. Make it so that you can see on the screen that you are in a org like it used to be
  18. Bring back elitist
  1. Change the price of hex shield to 5k
  2. Make hex shields last 15 seconds of shooting insted of 10
  3. Keep the one way system
  4. Make a tutorial on the use of hex shields
  1. Disallow pd to raid for hearing meth sounds(for some amout of time)
  2. Allow VIPs to use their permissons like before
  3. Allow Skullbreaker and Marauder to raid together if there are 8+ people in the base
  4. Allow the use of 3 fading doors if there are more than 8 people in the base
  5. Allow chemits and adv chemist to mug

Has something similar been suggested before? If so, why is your suggestion different?:
Dont think so

Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2):
These could be some major changes that could bring the playercount up
A lot of people would appriciate some big updates

Possible Negatives of the suggestion:
Not everybody can agree with it

Based on the Positives & Negatives, why should this suggestion be accepted:
To rise up the playercount

Side note: Not sure if everything is listed here that id wanna see, might make some more in the future, possible edits
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Jan 29, 2021
Although I massively +Support this suggestion,

I can't see DarkRP getting back on it's feet. People joined back for the nostalgia and once they got their fill they left. DarkRP, as good of an idea as it is, it's too oversaturated and was almost destined to die. Despite the effort being put in to its re-creation.

I was one of those players who returned to see if it compared to its former glory and once I had my fill it was personally over for me.

Even with all this effort, constant events and even giveaways I can't see DarkRP regaining its popularity.

Regardless of these facts, +Support.
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Junior Developer
Junior Developer
Programming Team
Neutral (strongly leaning to +support)

There feels like a lack of content right now, and the current content seems to difficult to grasp for newer players (maxnet, vcminers, ect...)

Most of the jobs you suggested would require a larger map, something like a city but without being a full CityRP map. Statua'a rp_downtown2 could be cool, but it's unfinished (vmf public, see & https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a8tbU7IRW3bYYx591Mmfrn9cNOsXlUfB). The current darkrp map is great, but a combination of the two would be pretty awesome imo.

Mobile phones often seem overlooked (on most servers that have them) though, unless it integrated with everything I don't personally see a point in maintaining two systems. (Adding the phones from MRP and SCP-RP could be cool though? Maybe a payphone system?)

I really love the CGSF Trainee idea, along with a levelling system for other job systems (police, ect...). Tokens are decently hard to get right now, I think a police levelling system would be better and incentivize doing good policing for higher police ranks.

Overall, I really like this suggestion and hope the content team considers it :)
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49Mr Black

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At this late stage in the game any effort implementing these admittedly very good changes would be futile IMO. The writing has been on the wall for DarkRP since about 3 weeks after launch. The reality is DarkRP just doesn't capture the same attention it did in years gone by, whether it's players losing interest or competition from better games. As Kiwi stated above Nostalgia was the only real draw for CG DarkRP's revival and everybody bar the hardcore CN stans, left the first chance they got after the realisation that DarkRP just isn't that good anymore, talented as CN staff might be, the truth, as hard as it may to face is that this DarkRP revival project was destined to fail from the start.

But hey, i'd love to be proven wrong. As a wise being once said, "impossible to see the future is" +Support if it means anything at this point.