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Civil Networks World War 3 Rules

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All decisions made in game by staff are to be respected. If you feel that your punishment was unjust then speak to an Admin+ in game or make a
forum complaint or a ban appeal. Arguing back will simply result in a mute, gag, warn or ban.

For further clarification of the rules, go to the Staff Rulings section. This is a list of confirmed actions that are against the rules. MRP Staff Rulings

Section 1: Basic Rules

1.01 - Don't RDM/VDM - Do not kill another player without a valid roleplay reason to do so. Not following the Rules of Engagement (Section 6) is considered RDM.

1.02 - Don't FailRP - You must roleplay in a realistic manner, acting in a way the character you are playing as would. For instance, you cannot commit suicide except to escape the enemy team, if you are stripped of weapons and comms you cannot use any item other than Cyanide Pills. In general, don't break character, including if a rule-break occurs - call a staff member and
continue roleplaying as you normally would. Only staff members may pause RP.
1.03 - Don't Break NLR - New Life Rule. Once you die, you cannot use any information from your previous life. RMP/KGB may ignore NLR to carry out an AOS issued by their team.

1.04 - Don't Job/Character Abuse - Do not swap characters/jobs in order to gain an unfair advantage or to avoid punishment. If you have been arrested (with a timer on your screen) you may disconnect/change characters if you are no longer in RP, the timer will continue on rejoin.

1.05 - Don't Randomly Arrest - You must have a valid roleplay reason to arrest someone.

1.06 - Don't Metagame - Do not use info obtained out of character. TS3 regimental comms channels count as in character.

*[EDITED]* 1.07 - Powergaming - Using /me to gain an unfair advantage, valid uses are listed in rule 2.09. Players may voluntarily choose to engage in a /me roleplay situation other than in rule 2.09. You may not use /me to strip weapons and comms. Using the SWEP or Player Interaction menu are the only valid ways to strip weapons and comms from a player who is under FearRP.

1.08 - Toxicity - Toxicity, harassment, discrimination or generally being offensive or rude to other players is not tolerated.

1.09 - Discrimination - Discrimination is not permitted - This refers to unfair treatment, unfair opportunities or offensive behaviour towards someone based on their appearance, sexuality, gender, religion, nationality and so on.

1.10 - Harassment- Repeated harassment or targeted bullying towards anyone is not permitted. If you are told that your behavior is uncomfortable or disturbing to an individual, you should cease that behavior. We are here to have fun, we won't tolerate anyone who attempts to ruin the server for others and foster toxicity. Staff will deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis.

*[EDITED]* 1.11 - Don't Hitbox Abuse - Abusing game mechanics to make yourself harder to hit is not allowed. Examples of this are: spamming crouch, spamming jump, bunnyhopping or crouch jumping. You are allowed to jump and crouch once during a firefight to cover accidental stance changes. However, you should make a reasonable attempt to act realistically whilst in combat. Knowingly using terrain, props or other objects to prevent incoming damage whilst able to do outgoing damage (for example, 'head glitching') is strictly not allowed.

1.12 - Don't Break FearRP - FearRP applies if: the armed aggressors outnumber you in a 2:1 ratio and pose a threat to your life OR you are unarmed and the aggressor is armed. FearRP doesn't apply to armoured vehicles (but they may be engaged if they don't comply), those who are threatening a hostage on the aggressor's team, or those outside of the enemy base in an unstripped team of 4+ people. When under
FearRP you must comply with the aggressor's orders (within the server rules), except for OOC actions (e.g. using an NPC).

1.13- Don't Farm Money/Combat Score - Killing or repeatedly downing another player to gain combat score/money outside of normal gameplay is not allowed.

1.14 - Loyalty - You can not purposefully assist the enemy team, unless under FearRP or being interrogated.

1.15 - Don't Base Camp - You must give enemy players a chance to leave their base. If fighting in a war is nowhere near the enemy base, engaging "at the signs" will not be considered far enough, while if you own all points it may be considered fair.

1.16 - Don't Bait - Baiting in order to allow you/someone else to break a server rule is not allowed. (i.e. purposefully getting yourself kidnapped or walking into the enemy base in order to allow your teammates to open fire on the enemy).

*[EDITED]* 1.17 - Naming Conventions - Do not use offensive terms or names in your character name, and avoid using unnecessary special characters and numbers. Also, it should have an RP-friendly approach of a realistic name. Code names and Pre-Defined regimental naming schemes are allowed as long as they follow the guidelines.

1.18 - Don't Exploit/Use External Assistance - Using external software/scripts to gain an advantage or exploiting bugs/glitches is not allowed.

1.19 - Don’t ERP - We have a zero-tolerance policy on Erotic Roleplay. Going out of your way to ERP is unacceptable and will be met with serious consequences.

Section 2: Roleplay Rules

2.01 - High Command Authority - High Command has authority over any roleplay exclusively affecting their team unless it is deemed by senior staff to be inappropriate or breaking the server rules, chain of command still applies.

2.02 - Execution Authority - USSR may execute any NATO prisoners in their own base with High Command authorization. If no High Command is available, then an KGB CPT+ may authorize the execution. NATO may only execute USSR in public in their own base with High Command authorization, NATO Courts or by an HC standing order. In the absence of NHC, a RMP CPT+ may authorise. Both factions' High Command, may authorize the execution of a friendly hostage to prevent the leaking of military information. This can occur only while attempting to rescue the hostage or as a spy.

2.03 - Base Raid Conditions - When it comes to raiding the enemy base there are 2 ways. First, if a side wins the campaign they can raid the enemy base once the war starts. Second, to raid the enemy base during a Conquest War the following conditions must be met:
- The side being raided cannot be outnumbered by more than 2:1.
- If a side captures all points during a war, they may raid after defending all points for 10 minutes, with at least 10 minutes left on the war timer afterwards.
- If a side starts a war with all points, they may raid after defending all points for 10 minutes.
- The raiding side must have a member of High Command online.
- The war must be 3 lanes for a Base Raid to be viable.

2.04 - RP Leadership Rank Limit - You may only be an RP Leader (SLT/2LT+) on one character. You may not hold an RP Leader rank on MilitaryRP if you hold a senior position on SCP-RP or another CN server.

2.05 - Do not Combat Taze/Cuff - Do not taze, handcuff, use "beanbag" shotgun or strip an enemy player during combat.

2.06 - Spy Rules - Spies cannot be recognized by comms, their voice or other means that the job they are disguised as would normally have or be able to do (I.E. Asking a spy to pull out a weapon their job would have or flip their ID card). Disguised spies cannot fly helicopters or drive tanks except for the purpose of theft. Disguised spies cannot actively engage in combat or territory capture during war. When a spy is discovered or suspected in a 1:1 scenario they may kill the discoverer.

2.07 - Kidnapping - A team can keep a different team as a prisoner for a maximum of 20 minutes (Exemption: 2.10). The same team must wait 20 minutes before kidnapping the same person again. Any team may kidnap to ransom or sell the prisoner. USSR/NATO may kidnap in order to interrogate or disguise as the prisoner, in addition to the above. Anyone being taken hostage or being stored by the enemy cannot be held in an area where there are spawn points.

2.08 - Rescue Mission Rules - If the enemy team has a friendly hostage or vehicle within their own base there may be a single attempt to rescue the hostage/vehicle or destroy the vehicle. Any Militia online may attempt to rescue a Militia. USSR/NATO must send a maximum of 2 regiments into the base, which must be decided before the regiments enter the base by High Command or the highest ranking SAS/SGRU (Otherwise the highest Commissioned Officer). Once a player has died they cannot return to the base rescue mission.

2.09 - Interrogation Rules - RMP/KGB have control over an enemy prisoner within their own base and have the power to delegate interrogation or negotiations to SAS/STS. During interrogation, the interrogator may ask 3 questions; during interrogation for each question asked the RMP/KGB and the prisoner being interrogated must /roll 100 and the RMP/KGB must use /me to describe the interrogation method. If RMP/KGB rolls higher the prisoner must tell the truth. If the prisoner rolls higher they may say whatever they wish as long as it does not break server rules.

2.10 - Hostage Negotiation Rules - If the enemy team has taken a hostage and an JLT/2LT+ of the hostage's team is online they must engage in negotiations according to the hostage negotiation table. Once a deal has been agreed to by both sides, it must be honoured and no rescue attempts can be made. The hostage returned must be the actual hostage. If the team who has kidnapped the hostage contact the hostage's team with a reasonable amount of time left on the hostage's maximum kidnap time, it is the fault of the Hostage's team if the hostage is held beyond their maximum kidnap time, However in the event that the war begins within the Maximum kidnap time the hostage in question will be allowed to participate in war, Once war has ended and debriefs are concluded the hostage will be returned to situation for it to continue.

2.11 - Base Kidnapping Rules - Players cannot be kidnapped within their own base unless in accordance with this rule. If there are at least 15 players on both teams (30 Total) SAS or SGRU may enter the enemy base once every hour, during peacetime or pre-war, with the intent to kidnap members of the enemy team. During a base kidnapping, the regiment entering the enemy team's base must take reasonable action to prevent bloodshed. I.e. only returning fire on confirmed hostiles. You may also choose to hack the enemy team's server(s) as part of this kidnapping attempt.

2.12 - Eastern Resistance Allying Rules - ER may ally with either USSR/NATO during pre-war for the duration of the war, if ER does not announce who they are allying with before war starts instead they will automatically claim town and may KOS any USSR/NATO (or USSR/NATO allied) individuals inside the town. They are considered KOS here on out. ER cannot be hired as an individual soldier: ER must be hired as a group by a Resistance Leader. All ER must abide by the alliance if it is made. A Resistance Leader must share whatever they are paid equally with any ER on and active at the time of the transaction. Any Alliances made must be announced in (/oc) and must side with the relevant team using the buttons in the F4 Jobs Menu. A monetary transaction must take place before an allegiance is considered valid. A minimum of £1,000 per person in the ER is required for ER to ally. If Eastern Resistance is being hired for the duration of a war they must give all teams a fair opportunity to hire them. In the case of NATO/USSR, a JLT/2LT+ must be the hirer.

2.13 - Private Contractor Hiring Rules - A Private Contractor can be hired for the duration of a war by Any Team (or for one of the services listed in 2.14). If the Private Contractor is being hired for the purpose of war they must announce who they are hired by in (/oc) and side with them using the buttons in the F4 Jobs menu before war begins, A monetary transaction must take place before a Private Contractor hiring is considered valid. In the case of NATO and USSR, a JLT/2LT+ must be the hirer. A private contractor must wait 15 minutes before being hired by the same team again. If a Private Contractor is being hired for the duration of a war, they must give all teams a fair opportunity to hire them.

2.14 - Private Contractor Services - Before a private contractor can carry out a service they must announce they have been hired in /oc for that action along with any additional information the specific service specifies below, and NLR applies to all of the services (meaning once you have been killed in RP you are no longer hired to complete that action).
  1. Assassinations: A private contractor may be hired to eliminate a single target on a different team, the minimum pricing is according to the Assassination Guidelines table.
  2. Harass Supply Routes: A private contractor can be hired to intercept and destroy supply vehicles and their drivers at a specific location.
  3. FOB Attack: A private contractor can be hired to attack/destroy a FOB. They may kill any troops friendly to the FOB in the area. In the Open Comms announcement, the private contractor must specify the location and team of the FOB being attacked. (If applicable a capture point name, otherwise a Grid Square reference).
2.15 - Name, Rank and Number - When taken prisoner and found to be an enemy by USSR/NATO you are required to give your Name, Rank and Service Number. (For the purposes of roleplay, you may make up a Service Number).

2.16 - No Hardlocking the Map - A team cannot hard lock the map: hard locking in this example is where a team prevents another team from capturing any amount of territories, and the second team cannot themselves undo the hard lock. In this case, Senior Staff may choose to force un-own and capture territories as they see fit to remedy the situation, and may result in roleplay punishments (i.e. demotion) for the leader(s) of the war.

2.17 - Comms Mixing - Do not mix (mention OOC topics in character) in comms or open comms.

2.18 - Entering the enemy base - Peacetime/Pre-War - Players may only enter the enemy base for a rescue attempt (2.08), kidnapping (2.11), active base raids (2.03) or to undergo operations as a spy. For no other reason is someone permitted to enter the enemy base. The Juggernaut and Flamer jobs cannot enter the enemy base unless there is an active base raid under rule 2.03. You may not place Squad Rally Markers inside the enemy base (the only exception is during a Wartime Base Raid).

*[NEW]* 2.19 - Entering the Enemy Base - Wartime - Players may only enter the enemy base during wartime for the purpose of spy operations, theft and espionage, Players may not enter the enemy base during war whilst not on the Spy Job. During a Wartime Baseraid, you may enter the enemy base for the purpose of capturing the base. You may not attempt to breach/hack doors for the duration of the war unless your intent is to steal a vehicle.

2.20 - Engagement during active mission - Non-friendlies are KOS if a) you have a dispatched mission and b) they interfere with you attempting to complete that dispatched mission, or attempt to complete a competitive objective. If it has been established that an enemy regiment is competing against you in a mission, you may KOS them on sight during the mission's duration only. You may not KOS non-friendlies for interfering with another regiment's mission, even if they engage allies from that regiment.

2.21 - IA Job Rules - The IA Job is only to be used within the confines of your base. When arresting a suspect, you must remove your disguise immediately after you cuff them. You must never do any action whilst disguised that goes against server rules or breaks IC Laws. IA job is not to be used during War. You may not disguise as the following: Spies, High Command, Officers ranked MAJ+ or CL18+. When asked to by High Command, you must undisguise unless on an investigation authorised by LTGEN/CGEN+.

*[NEW]* 2.22 - Covert Operator Job Rules: SGRU/SAS Covert Operator are not allowed to enter the enemy base at any time.

*[EDITED]* 2.23 - Pathfinder Job Rules: JAF/ATR Pathfinders may attack a enemy FOB anywhere on the map once per peacetime/Pre-war but has to announce it in open comms. Can only be done with other JAF/ATR members. May only attack if BOTH sides have 8 non AFK players on.

*[NEW]* 2.24 - KGB/RMP search: KGB/RMP do not have to roll when doing a search. It is also fail RP to trade with people outside of your reach. EG if you are right next to someone you CAN pass items to them but you CAN'T pass items to someone more than a arms length away. Its also not allowed to pass items if the RMP/KGB is right in front of you.

*[NEW]* 2.25 - Chemicals : Chemicals are not allowed to be traded or given to anyone for any reason. Lean is exempt from this rule.

Section 3: Equipment/Vehicle Rules

3.01 - Handheld Rocket Launchers - Matadors/AT4's/RPG's cannot be used against infantry unless you are Militia: in which case you may use RPG's on a group of 3 or more people: If you hit less than 3 people you must yourself provide evidence of you clearly trying to hit a group of 3 or more people.

3.02 - FOB Structures/Emplacements - KWK's cannot be used on infantry. Flak Cannons & A-A Cannons cannot be used on ground targets.

3.03 - Anti-Air Vehicles - An anti-air vehicle's explosives cannot be used on any ground target; Anti-Air vehicles cannot be shot from inside a base.

3.04 - Helicopters - During peacetime and pre-war helicopters cannot engage any ground targets unless the helicopter is fired upon first by a vehicle or explosives.

*[EDITED]* 3.05 - Helicopters and Bases - Helicopters cannot be engaged while in / over base, however if they engage from their base they're considered a hostile target until they have landed on a helipad. If a helicopter is not actively being used it must be landed on a helipad. Helicopters cannot target anything but hostile helicopters in the Bases regardless if they're a threat or not.

3.06 - Armoured Vehicles - During peacetime and pre-war, armoured vehicles may only enter the enemy-controlled area (See 4.00) for the purposes of training, and if they have no suitable owned territories with which they can train in. This will also require approval from their respective High Command.

3.07 - Deploying Vehicles - A Maximum of 4 Armoured Vehicles can be deployed by either 17thAR or 11th MBT. All other regiments may have a max 2 armoured vehicles. A maximum of 2 armed helicopters can be in the sky per team at one time, if a team owns 2 or fewer territories, the opposing team may only have 1 armed helicopter in the sky. NATO/USSR may have at most 4 helicopters deployed at once. If only 1 Lane is activated then only 1 Heli deployment, per side, is allowed at any given time.

3.08 - SCUD & HIMARS - The SCUD & HIMARS vehicle missiles cannot be fired from inside either team's base, they must be fired from outside the perimeter signs of either team. The HIMARS & SCUD vehicles do not count towards 11th MBT's/17thAR's/NHCs/SSHCs armoured vehicle limit.

3.09 - Stingers - Stingers can only be used against air targets.

3.10 - Tactical Assets - Tactical tablet assets which kill or damage players or vehicles cannot be used on either base.

3.11 - Base Radio Access - A vehicle, weapon, emplacement or structure cannot be used to block access either base's territory radio(s).

3.12 - Use of Explosives to Attack FOBs - Explosives cannot be used on FOB Structures during Peacetime or Pre-War if it endangers the life of an infantry (With the exception of the Militia 3.01 rule). You may, however, engage vehicles which are around FOB structures as you would normally. If you damage or kill infantry in this way you must provide evidence showing that it was not your intention to do so.

*[NEW]* 3.13 - Unrealistic use of equipment - Equipment must be used realistically. Common unrealistic use includes, but not limited to; throwing a grenade at a heli rotor to destroy it, using grappling hooks on vehicles, grav-gunning stinger missiles as well as using KWKs on helicopters. Use common sense.

*[NEW]* 3.14 - Helicopter Piloting/Co-Piloting - Only JAF/ATR and HC may Pilot helicopters. Spec-Ops regimental command may only pilot unarmed helicopters. JAF/ATR and HC may Co-Pilot for a pilot outlined prior. In the event there is no-one outlined prior available to Co-Pilot, the pilot may call upon the RC of another regiment to do so.

*[NEW]* 3.15 - Drones (spawned in via F4 menu) are not allowed to be used on helis

Section 4: Forward Operating Base Rules

4.00 - FOB Areas (Clarification) - The enemy or friendly "area" is all land behind the furthest point of the furthest territory controlled by that team in that direction: in the case of a territory directly next to the map border the enemy "area" also extends to include the map's border. The area between the two team's areas is considered neutral. If a FOB's maximum build distance (shown in green on the F4 map while looking at a nearby FOB Radio with a shovel) touches:
- Only Friendly Territory = Friendly
- Only Enemy Territory = Enemy
- Only Neutral Territory = Neutral

- Friendly + Enemy Territory = Neutral
- Friendly + Neutral Territory = Friendly
- Enemy + Neutral Territory = Enemy

4.01 - FOB Placement - You may not place FOB's in an enemy Area, within either base's signs or directly on an enemy-controlled territory. You may not place FOB structures behind base signs. Similarly, all FOB Radios must be able to be shovelled and have C4 placed on them without requiring an enemy to crouch-walk under an object or crouch-jump over map objects to access the radio

4.02 - FOB Destruction - You may destroy an enemy FOB in neutral area's at any time; however you may only destroy enemy FOB in an enemy area during war, unless otherwise allowed in the rules.

4.03 - FOB Realism - FOB's must be realistic. This list is not exhaustive, however, are simply examples: no floating structures and structures cannot be unrealistically clipping into
each other. Sandbags cannot be piled unrealistically high.

4.04 - Minimum Entrances - A FOB must have one unobstructed Perimeter entrance, and two unobstructed entrances to the building/housing the FOB radio itself is in. In the case that a Territory Radio is in the building radius of a FOB Radio, the Territory Radio must always have two unobstructed entrances.

4.05 - FOB Assaults during Peacetime & Pre-War - An FOB in a Neutral Territory may only be assaulted in order to be destroyed once during Peacetime and once during Pre-War; this is not an exemption to any other rule. Once someone involved in the attempt has died, they may not return to the assault.

4.06 - FOBs during missions - You may place a FOB near an objective for your dispatched mission which ignores the status of the territory you are in, but the FOB radio may not be in direct line of sight of the objective. After the mission ends, if you would not normally be allowed to place the FOB down in that location, you must destroy it within 5 minutes.

Section 5.1: NATO Rules of Engagement

The Golden Rule of Engagement:
  • Never attack an ally/teammate.
  • Non-NATO are KOS if they fire upon, attack, or threaten to kill a NATO infantry, vehicle, or structure.
  • Non-NATO are AOS if they are spying into the base, on the walls, pressing the gate button, or within the NATO Base. They may be killed if they have a weapon out within the NATO base.
  • Non-NATO can be warned to walk away from the base wall, and are AOS if ignoring the demand.
  • You may arrest civilians if they have a weapon out, KOS them if they are a threat e.g. Pointing a gun at you. KOS if they have an RPG out.
  • You may KOS any non-NATO Helicopter flying over the NATO base.

  • During Pre-War if you warn Non-NATO to leave a controlled territory they have 10 seconds to begin to comply with your demands before they are KOS.
  • Non-NATO helicopters are KOS if flying over a controlled territory.

  • You may KOS all USSR.
  • You may KOS civilians if they have a weapon out. If Eastern Resistance engage friendly forces they are KOS for the rest of the war.

Section 5.2: USSR Rules of Engagement

The Golden Rule of Engagement:
  • Never attack an ally/teammate.
  • Non-USSR are KOS if they fire upon, attack, or threaten to kill an USSR infantry, vehicle, or structure.
  • Non-USSR are AOS if they are spying into the base, on the walls, pressing the gate button, or within the USSR Base. They may be killed if they have a weapon out within the USSR base.
  • Non-USSR can be warned to walk away from the base wall, and are AOS if ignoring the demand.
  • You may arrest civilians if they have a weapon out, KOS them if they are a threat e.g. Pointing a gun at you. KOS if they have an RPG out.
  • You may KOS any non-USSR Helicopter flying over the USSR base.

  • During Pre-War if you warn Non-USSR to leave a controlled territory they have 10 seconds to begin to comply with your demands before they are KOS.
  • Non-USSR helicopters are KOS if flying over a controlled territory.

  • You may KOS all NATO.
  • You may KOS civilians if they have a weapon out. If Eastern Resistance engages friendly forces they are KOS for the rest of the war.

Section 5.3: Civilian and Eastern Resistance Rules of Engagement

The Golden Rule of Engagement:
  • Never attack an ally/teammate.

  • Non-Civilians are KOS if they fire upon, attack, or threaten to kill a civilian infantry or vehicle.
  • Eastern Resistance at any point may lay claim to the town in open comms (/oc). You may KOS any USSR/NATO that are within the town after giving them 5 minutes to leave the town. You must specify what teams you are hostile to in /oc. You may claim the town for a maximum of 20 minutes after which you can no longer KOS any armed USSR/NATO. You must wait 30 minutes before you lay claim to the town again.
  • On Backwater, Eastern Resistance may claim Town or any one of the Factories. ER exemptions for town will also apply for the point they claim for the duration that the point is claimed for. The cooldown before claiming again applies to all points so ER cannot, for example, claim Factory Alpha and then Immediately claim Factory Beta.
  • On Highlands, Eastern Resistance may claim Town as its entirety.

  • Same as in Peacetime.

  • Eastern Resistance automatically has a claim to the town, you may KOS any non-civilians within the town.
  • If allied, then Eastern Resistance may KOS all members of the opposing team with which they have allied.
Section 5.4: Civilian Mayor, Bodyguards and Police

- Golden Civilian Rule: You may only use the jobs to create RP and only use them in "Peacetime".
- Silver Civilian Rule: Do not disrupt NATO or NWO operations unless it is an event or you have permission from HC to enter the bases.

  • The mayor may create a maximum of 3 "Laws" for both towns. This must be clearly advertised in Open-Comms. They must not break server rules.
  • The mayor may use props to create RP, this does not mean they can create "DarkRP bases". Everything spawned in much have RP relevance and should not be excessive.
  • The mayor may not be an aggressor, the mayor may only use weapons in self-defence only.
  • The purpose of the mayor is to create RP in towns, failure to do this or abusing the job in any way will result in a Whitelist revocation.
  • You may use PAC3 to customise the mayor model in a sensible fashion.
  • The Mayor's Area of Influence includes Town, Church, Lumberyard and Petrol Station.
  • Bodyguards may not instigate combat unless they are directly threatened or the Mayor is threatened.
  • Bodyguards are solely for the personal protection of the mayor and may only be loyal to the Mayor.
  • Bodyguards are not for hire and may not be subcontracted by the Mayor.
  • Bodyguards may not take prisoners but instead should pass them over to the town police.
Town Police:
  • Town Police are only allowed to arrest individuals within the Area of Influence if they break one of the Three Laws created by the current Mayor. They may also detain individuals who are referred by Bodyguards.
  • Town Police's Area of Influence includes Town, Church, Lumberyard and Petrol Station.
  • The Chief of Police has full authority over all law matters in the AOI, with the exception of changing the Laws.
  • Police may not break server rules in regard to arrests. No one should be held for more than 20 minutes.
  • The Chief of Police may negotiate with either faction for the release of arrested individuals, this is at the discretion of the Chief.

Section 6: Guidelines

Assassination Guidelines
Rank of targetMinimum price
Enlisted (PVT+)£500
Non Commissioned Officer (CPL+)£1,000
Senior Non Commissioned Officer (MSGT+)£5,000
Commissioned Officer (2LT/JLT+)£7,000
Senior Commissioned Officer (CPT+)£10,000
Regimental Command (LTCOL+)£15,000
High Command (BGEN/MGEN+)£30,000 (+£10k for each additional star)
FailRP Guidelines - Things people forget
RP ActFailRP?
Suicide bombingYes it's FailRP
Driving up vertical cliffs in tanksYes it's FailRP
AFK In vehicle driver seatYes it's FailRP
Deliberately getting kidnappedYes it's FailRP
Suicide to escape your own team's policeYes it's FailRP
Shouting "FearRP!" Instead of an actual threat.Yes it's FailRP

Hostage Negotiation Guidelines
Rank of targetMinimum priceVehicle Option(s)
Enlisted (PVT+)N/AN/A
Non Commissioned Officer (CPL+)£5,000
(SAS/SGRU £7,500)
Any Vehicle
Senior Non Commissioned Officer (MSGT+)£15,000
(SAS/SGRU £20,000)
Any armed ground vehicle OR any helicopter
Commissioned Officer (2LT/JLT+)£25,000
(SAS/SGRU £35,000)
Any armoured vehicle OR Any armed helicopter
Regimental Command (LTCOL+)£35,000
(SAS/SGRU £45,000)
Any Main Battle Tank OR Any CAS Helicopter (Armed Co-Pilot & Pilot seats)
1-3 Star High Command£60,000 (+£10k for each additional star)Any Main Battle Tank AND Any CAS Helicopter
4-Star High Command£100,000THREE: Main Battle Tanks/CAS Helicopters: must contain at least one of each type of vehicle. EXAMPLE: 2x M1A2 Abrams, 1x Apache

Section 7: PAC3 Editor Rules

Abusing the PAC3 editor will result in your PAC3 access being revoked

7.1 You are not allowed to gain any RP/in-combat advantage from your PAC3 creation.

7.2 All PAC3 creations must be realistic and not break the FailRP rule. (For example: Military personnel is only allowed to military clothes/equipment)

7.3 Loud & annoying sound effects are not allowed.

7.4 Oversized and massive props are prohibited.

7.5 Changing the core features of your job is prohibited. (For example, as a medic don't place an emblem in front of your uniform's red cross)

7.6 The PAC3 rules can be voided by a Game Master if you are helping in an event and using PAC3 for an event character.

7.7 Abusing the PAC3 camera to gain an advantage is prohibited.

7.8 The above rules are still applied even if the PAC3 Creation is marked "Explicit"

Section 8: Crimson Blade Rules

Rules regarding the CB Peacetime Faction

CB Rules Of Engagement:

- Crimson Blade are KOS if they have weapons out, outside of their base.
- Crimson Blade are AOS if they walk around outside their base in Uniforms.
- Crimson Blade that are in the Civilian model may NOT commit acts of Violence and are solely used to gather intelligence.
- Crimson Blade cannot be killed within the Crimson Blade Base.
- Execution authority can only be granted if negotiations fail. You have ONE attempt to save the hostage during negotiations. If negotiations fail, you have ONE attempt to execute the hostage with High Command Authority. If no HC is present, RMP/KGB CPT+ may authorise. A maximum of TWO regiments can engage, with authorisation given prior.

8.01 - The maximum amount of supplies that CSB can request during negotiations is 45,000 supplies (Equivalent to 3 truckloads of supplies).

8.02 - Any member of CSB with a suicide vest may take anybody WITHIN voice range hostage regardless of ratio.

8.03 - Any terror activities must have a valid RP reasoning (For example, to extort supplies/money).

8.04 - Any member of CSB may RPG anybody without a minimum.

8.05 - Bandit+ must have permission from Mustaffah+ before stealing a vehicle.
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