Mosasaurs LTCOM demotion appeal

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Nick "Mosasaur" Williams

Trial Game Master
Trial Game Master
Oct 3, 2022
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COM "Raven"
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According to Raven I have had complaints about my LTCOM leadership skills + decisions (which I can admit have been dumb recently), but the thing that "pushed him over the edge" was me solo raiding CI, failing due to ethics member being to high of health for cyanide to kill him, and proceeded to overpay for the ethics member.
Is this true?:
Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?:
In enlisted positions yes but no NCO and CO positions
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When ethics member "Lunar" got kidnapped and I called it out in comms, my MAJ Aleks, authed a raid on CI to get him back. I then proceeded to tell MAJ Aleks and Spec. agent "Monarch" that I was going to NHU in and feed the ethics member cyanide. I proceeded to do this after receiving the NHU and cyanide from the MAJ and Spec. agent. I then proceeded to NHU into CI base and feed the ethics member the cyanide, I then ungagged the ethics member, fed him the cyanide but he did not die due to using 914 earlier to gain extra health. DEA then proceeded to get mad at me for wasting the raid timer and not even telling them that I was going in alone. After this CI started info breaching 05 code names and numbers. After around 10 minutes CI made an offer for the ethics member and I was thinking that DEA would reply but they didn't. So after about 10 minutes of CIs semi-serious offer of 600k was sitting there I decided to make a real offer since DEA wasn't proceeding to negotiate. I offered 30k and 1 liter of NHU for the ethics member so no more SC info would get breached. They then offered around 60k and 3 liters and I declined. CI proceeded to threaten to kill the ethics member so I said "Final offer 45k and 4 liters" and they accepted. I understand that this was overpaying and was dumb of me to make this offer but I had valid reason to. All the NHU came out of PT (Puppeteers) fridge leaving 6 liters left.

Yesterday afternoon CI had a DEA agent kidnapped and was info breaching the hell out of 05, Ethics, and 008 to all of foundation. This went on for about 30 minutes until SD decided that we will raid and I will host it. I got a plan for all for all of us to follow and that plan was: "Snipers will stay back and provide cover for the nu-7/DEA that will be entering the garage area. It was all going well until they brought a jug out. About half of us in garage got termed until we killed about 4 CI staying behind the shields. I then told the rest of the people to start pushing in and DEA just did not listen. I decided that since they were not listening I will use NHU to locate the class fed agent and feed him cyanide. I got hardcuffed while on NHU, brought to the MCOM room and class fed. After this all happened someone (I have no idea who) authed a second raid b2b. I got accused of asking for a "rescue raid" but I could not have physically asked for one since by the time the second raid was authed I was already class fed.

I do not belive these two things deserved a two rank demotion from LTCOM-CPT but maybe two strikes. (This was all also apparently word of mouth and no clips were provided to me or raven.)
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Jun 6, 2023

I was there personally in the first incident with Special Agent Wick (I am also a special agent as well), who was calling people up to get the raid going, we had about half of everyone there when these messages above came in, None of us had any clue that mosasaur had decided to solo raid which really ruined the fun for the rest of SOP. Additionally he said womp womp after people called him out for it which is uh not the greatest of responses 😅 He really should've at least informed us over comms or teamspeak but didn't. Also, DEA didn't want to step in and pay for the ethics member because we didn't want to pay for them when it was mosasaurs fault we that didn't get a chance to save them

he gave CI 4 Liters of N-HU-23-X and 55k it's honestly ridiculous because it's literally more than 10 times the minimum (40k) at a total of 455k, and kinda sucks for PT since they did all that work for NHU just for it to be used like this... and he should've known it was waaaaay too much as people were saying it in ooc during the negotiation

As for the second incident he had ordered all snipers to start pushing forward so we all died and got kidnapped leading to an awful and super long infobreach which was admittedly very funny for all of us Class Fed kidnappees​

Chester "Celtic"

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Dec 18, 2023
Celtic's Input

As someone who was involved directly in this matter, I believe I am entitled to share my opinion on Mosasaur.

When I started of in Nu-7. I saw Mosasaur as a beacon of professionalism and I knew that I could look up to him as a role model within the regiment. I was confident in his abilities to fulfil his role within the Nu-7 Officer Team.

However, as he climbed the ranks I started to notice a decline in his performance. Specifically his lack of judgement in high-pressure situations. I am no longer confident in his abilities to perform well in the Officer Team.

The NHU Incident

Being the one who purchased the NHU. I was quite disappointed when I was informed that he had done this. Being in the [PT] regiment in Nu-7. I should be confident that when I put chemicals in the fridge. That they are used for there intended purpose and NOT wasted on situations similar to this.

In my opinion, it was extremely selfish of Mosasaur to have done that. Especially considering he didn't even need to use to NHU anyways.

The Failed Raid

During the time of the raid. Mosasaur was LTCOM, and as an LTCOM he is entrusted with leading competent raids.

As he mentioned, and as I witnessed myself. Yes, the DEA could have listened a bit better when they were told to move in. However, that does not take away the fact that Mosasaur was the main one responsible for this raid. He should of ensured that it all went to plan and that adequate communications were maintained in SOP-C.

Furthermore, I believe that he should have done a better job at informing DEA about his raid. As we should all know in Nu-7, communication is key. Especially in situations like these.


Overall, I am disappointed in Mosasaurs actions and judgement in these recent situations. I expect better of an LTCOM.

However, I do believe that Mosasaur is capable of revising his character and tenure within Nu-7. I am always willing to accept a second chance if Mosasaur is really hoping to commit to it. I really hope that Mosasaur has taken the time to reflect upon his actions. Moreover, I hope that he now understands how his actions can effect others withing and outside Nu-7.

For now I believe it is best for Mosasaur to remain at the CPT rank for the time being. This would ensure that he has the time to learn and build up from his mistakes.

If you do put effort in to improving your character. I wish you the best in reaching your former position as Nu-7 LTCOM.​


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May 19, 2022
bro aint no shot you gave 4 liters for an ECM as well as 45K, in my day if one of us offered that i'd demote them to a PVT you lucky you a fuckin CO still
you americans alright?


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Sep 5, 2022
gonna try to make this short since pupper and celtic already explained everything better than me

So after about 10 minutes of CIs semi-serious offer of 600k was sitting there I decided to make a real offer since DEA wasn't proceeding to negotiate.

we didn't start negotiating with CI because you sent a message directly to CI that said something along the lines of "how much do you want" after failing to save the ECM in a solo raid you did. if i recall correctly, you also said in comms that you were willing to pay for them as well (don't have a screenshot of this unfortunately).

I said "Final offer 45k and 4 liters" and they accepted. I understand that this was overpaying and was dumb of me to make this offer but I had valid reason to.

even if you had a valid reason to use the NHU from the PT fridge, it was the worst possible thing you could've done, since you overpaid about 11 times the price of the person that CI had captured (according to current treaty). what makes this worse is that earlier in the day, celtic had spent about 300k out of pocket for 6L of NHU for the fridge. using 4L for that negotiation shows a lapse of judgment on your behalf and complete negligence of the hard work that was put into acquiring the chems in the first place.

don't have anything to say about the raid you led before that but from what i've heard from others, your orders during that raid led multiple DEA and Nu-7 (and you) to become captured and used as minions for CI's massive infobreach.

i'm not sure what else to put here, but as of right now, i do not think you are currently fit for a REGCOM position.
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Sep 9, 2022
I've known mosasaur on a LTCOM scale and a friend scale, now with that being said he was a decent LTCOM he knew what needed to be done and got it done in a timely manner. Overall he was fit for LTCOM, but the issue here is he took 4L of NHU that PT worked hard for.

As the LTC of PT I don't appreciate how he handled the situation. He wasn't thinking of PT or anyone else at the time. Now this was a mistake and I'm big for second chances, but as it stand's I think the best course of action would be to leave him in CPT as of now. This big of a mess up cant just be disregarded as a ooppsie. Actions have consequence's and I think it would be a good lesson for him to think twice next time.

No hate mosa you messed up, it happens to everyone to a degree. You just got to keep on going.


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Jul 19, 2022
Ontario, Canada
Appeal Denied

Hi @Nick "Mosasaur" Williams

Thanks for taking the time to make a roleplay demotion appeal.

After much deliberation with the Site Administration team, we have chosen to deny your level 2 appeal. We believe a demotion was justified after the recent incident you've had. We've seen overwhelming amounts of witness testifying against your actions this incident. Nu-7 Major Aleks had authorized a raid to take back the Ethics Member and allowed Special Agent "Wick" lead the raid. There was a severe lack of communication to the point that SOP personnel were surprised someone had already raided in this is reflected in peoples reactions in OOC chat.

As a LTCOM it should be clear that communication with the others especially after they were expecting to charge in for a raid should be clear and that they should know of your intentions. After failing the raid on Chaos Insurgency you had negotiated an extreme amount of resources and money over to CI for the Ethics Committee Member back, failing to put effort lower their requested price of 4 Liters of NHU and 55k.

DEA have total priority when it comes to negotiations. In this instance Nu-7 should not have involved themselves in negotiations unless DEA have completely failed to negotiate. It should also be noted that an ECM is valued at 40k.

The day before this incident you led another raid on CI in which again many people testify to your incapability as a leader causing many SOP personnel to be captured as a result. To further this, you were recently strike by the Chief Overseer because of your unprofessionalism as the LTCOM of Nu-7.

You have shown us your poor decision-making, disregard for Nu-7's resources as well as poor leadership. We in Site Administration believe that you are currently not fitting to be leading Nu-7 as their LTCOM due to the reasons provided as shown through these recent incidents.

Other relevant Evidence:



Interview of Aleks regarding the Incident:

Mosasaur Admitting to Solo Raiding:

Complaint from DEA Agency Manager Joseph:

As this was a Level 2 appeal, you may escalate to a Level 3 appeal if you feel there was bias in my decision-making.

Kind Regards,
Site Administration
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