MilitaryRP Demotion Appeal Format

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Dec 19, 2020

MilitaryRP Demotion Appeal

1. Appeal rules

  • Follow the format. You must provide all information.
  • Complaints against staff should be made in the Complaints section.
  • Don't bump your demotion appeal unless you are responding to a question / disputing a staff comment.
  • Don't advertise your appeal (contacting staff about it).
  • Don't lie in your appeal.
  • Trial Mods should not make a demotion appeal, they should instead apply for staff again.
  • You must wait two weeks after your demotion before making an appeal.
  • Wait at least two weeks before re-appealing if you are denied.

Breaking these rules will result in either a denial or delays in processing your appeal.

2. Making an appeal

  • Copy-paste the below format into a new thread.
  • Updates to your appeal text should be done via editing your original post, not a new post.
  • Don't tag staff.
  • Wait for a final verdict patiently. The superadmin team has sole responsibility for deciding demotion appeals.
  • Note that leaving or being demoted twice in a year generally results in a 1-year blacklist from becoming staff. If you are blacklisted, talk to a superadmin before appealing.

3. Format

Steam ID:
Previous Rank (convert if required):
Who demoted you?:
Date of demotion?:
What is the case against you?:
Is this true?:
Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?:
Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned?:
What is your side of the story?:
Why should you return / what will you change?:[/b]
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