MrGhost's fourth GM demotion appeal

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Mar 6, 2022
Name :MrGhost
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:544836902
Previous Rank (convert if required): trial GM
Who demoted you?: Chad power
Date of demotion?: late July
What is the case against you?: I used an admin only command in an RP scenario
Is this true?: yes
Prior to this demotion, have you ever been demoted?: no not as a GM
Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned?: I have in the past been banned for MRDM in March and months later severe toxicity I have also been warned for NLR, ROE, RDM ETC many of my warnings/bans are not recent those that are were at least 2 to 3 weeks ago.
What is your side of the story?: I was walking around NWO base when wolf Varam had hit me with his car annoyed by this, I shot his car a few times upon seeing this redacted 86 better known as Dave 1 arrested me for illegal discharge of a firearm, in which was completely within his rights as a member of AOR. While being taken to jails I shouted "help, help I'm having a heart attack " and then proceeded to use kill in console. At the time I didn't see this as an abuse of my power but know I Thurley know that it is an abuse of power. after Dave 1 said he was going to tell an admin it had set in what I had actually done, and I begged him in pokes not to as I didn't really realise the gravity of what I had just done. the next day I was kicked from the game master team. Dave 1 now doesn't actually care about it, but he did then, and I apologised greatly
Why should you return / what will you change?:
I still have many ideas for events and would really like to put them into reality I recently made an application for the GM team full of ideas ( ) but I had to take it down due to it not being appropriate for this given circumstance. I would also really like to help make these events and to provide fun events big or small for this community to enjoy. If I was to ever re-enter the game master team, I promise to never use the powers only some get for a reason in such a way.

anatoli karpov man

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This man has just outed himself out.

he keeps doing similar activity to this, this man is immature and has done abuse of power several times.
chubbs made a whole document explaining everything about mr.ghost and it talks about all the abuse the crimes and the childish behaviours i dont think mr.ghost should be accepted for this appeal
quite literally admitted alot of things that were said in chubbs google doc


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Aug 13, 2022
Just like Anatoli said, I supported in making a document about mr ghost and his actions.

In that same document a member of this community stated that mr ghost can be great, but in his current stage he needs to revise his actions and improve.

I wish the best for mr ghost, but him getting me banned from the server, for doing my job and looking out for UAF speaks a lot. Along side the constant hate I get from him and his multiple power trips when removing and demoting me.

At this current time mr ghost should not be in a position of power. But I do not speak for the future.

EDIT - Just to clarify to everyone, I did not make the document ahaha, all I did was spell check it and add my own story. So please stop asking for me to send it ahaha. This document is ment to be used in a fashion for mr ghost to improve, not as a weapon of harassment or hate that people had the document used it for.

Erl Carlson

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Jun 9, 2022
I've been on the server just for a bit and already have had bad experiences with you. I personally arested you for some really imature actions. Overall I don't believe you are fit for the role


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Jan 29, 2021
Appeal Denied

Hi @mrghost

Thanks for taking the time to make a demotion appeal.

I have decided to deny your application due to your application being denied as well as you being banned.

You may re-appeal in 4 weeks.​
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