SCP-RP Monthly News - April 2023

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Hello everyone!

As always, we'll post changes as they happen on the SCP-RP Discord in #change-logs.

Many thanks to @Luft for writing most of this.

? Staff Promotions ?

Congratulations on everyone's promotions! And for those who weren't promoted this month, we wish you luck in the upcoming month :).

Super Admin


Senior Admin



- @'Falcon' / Stealth
- @Jackmaze
- @Scotsman

Head Moderator

- @LMS
- @roguejwang
- @shequis

Senior Moderator

- @Xrz
- @Rackarain
- @Liam Thompson
- @Daniel Hammer
- @Critical
- @Dinkster
- @Kira Rose

? New Features ?

  • Added Features

    • Added Department of External Affairs. Check here for more information!
    • Added new External Affairs jobs: Agent, Operative, Senior Agent, Special Agent, Agency Manager, Deputy Director, Director

      Loadout System
    • Added Advanced Loadouts system & enabled for External Affairs jobs: switch between utility & combative loadouts with different gear for different situations. Loadouts can be selected when changing to a job, and on the respawn screen.
    • Added the following loadouts: (will be changed based on community feedback if required)
    • Agent Utility: HK UMP, H&K P30L, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade
    • Agent Combative: GRY SBR, H&K P30L
    • Sr. Agent Utility: Fang-45, H&K P30L, Drone Controller, Sticky Grenade
    • Sr. Agent Combative: M249 Para, H&K P30L
    • Sp. Agent+ Utility: AS VAL, H&K P30L, Drone Controller, Sticky Grenade
    • Sp. Agent+ Combative: DSR, H&K P30L

      Donation Store
    • Added Custom Role - Discord/TeamSpeak package (can be purchased in-game or on the website)
    • Added Custom Role Modification - Discord/TeamSpeak package (can be purchased in-game or on the website)

      Reality Bending
    • Added Reality Bending system and SWEP - Click here for more information!
    • Class D TYPE-BLUE and CI - TYPE-BLUE jobs will experience 'unstable decay' after 45 minutes (Class D) or 1 hour 30 minutes (CI) of being alive, causing them to lose 2hp/second.
    • Added TYPE-GREEN SCP
    • Added Class D TYPE-BLUE job
    • Added CI - TYPE-BLUE job
    • Added Foundation Thaumatologist job
    • Added UNGOC - Thaumatologist job
    • !banresearch now blocks use of the Foundation Thaumatologist job

      Food Related
    • Added a new food item: "Shawarma" with 4 recipes
    • Fixed the "Shawarma" recipes overlapping with "Kebab"

      Added Destabilize ability to reality benders
    • Cost: 50 energy, Cooldown: 60 seconds
    • Bypasses ability suppression
    • Dissolves all nearby reality anchors on activation
    • Separately, for the next 10 seconds, destabilizes reality near the reality bender.
    • While inside of destabilized reality, players will receive visual and audio effects, and will be unable to place new reality anchors

      Chemistry Related
    • Added 3 new chemicals
    • Added 3 new chemical recipes

      Added the following chemistry entities to the MC&D F4 Menu under the Entities Category.
    • Beaker
    • Large Beaker
    • Conical Flask
    • Vial
    • Sample Syringe

      New External Affairs Directories
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/investigation_reports
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/people_of_interest
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/surface_agency
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/operations_agency
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/operations_agency/operation_reports
    • oundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/groups_of_interest
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/groups_of_interest/hostile_groups
    • foundation/site_65/departments/external_affairs/groups_of_interest/allied_groups

⚖️ Balance & QOL Changes ⚖️
  • Balance/QOL Change

    General QOL/Changes:

    • Optimized bullet freeze ability
    • Rewrote scrap system data storage method to fix scrap randomly being wiped (Thanks @Alpha Toon )
    • N-HU-23-X users are now passive when in-use
    • New Application Formats:
    • External Affairs Special Agent Application Format
    • Director of External Affairs Application Format
    • Added !jobapprove for External Affairs - Agents & Operatives require job approval from a Special Agent+ before getting their equipment
    • Added !banexternalaffairs command - usable by Special Agent+, Site Admin and Site Command. Bans people off of Agent & Operative jobs only
    • DEA Special Agents now only have access to a disguise swep when on utility loadout (no sniper on utility loadout)
    • Updated Special Agent Utility loadout: removed sticky grenade, added disguise swep
    • Updated Special Agent Combative loadout: added smoke grenade
    • Fixed O5, Director of Ethics, and Site Manager not being able to use job ban commands
    • Fixed Site Manager not being able to use !jobapprove commands (Site Advisors & Directors can use it already)
    • Fixed mp3 music not playing to the correct length (This should fix the music on the character menu not playing)
    • Changed CI-Technical Expert rank requirement from CI-Beta -> CI-Alpha
    • Changed C.I AA door to biometric CL4
    • Removed Beta-1 Door group
    • Added the ability for players to sell their breach votes to the server for £100 / $100 in-game money each

      Added the following to UNGOC Door groups:
    • UNGOC Thaumatologist
    • UNGOC Medic
    • UNGOC Chemist

      Added the following to CI Door groups:
    • CI Chemist
    • CI Type-Blue
    • CI Strike Team

      Weaponry Changes:
    • Added swep_drone_controller to Director & Deputy Director of External Affairs
    • Added gmod_camera to Ethics Assistant & Overseer Assistant
    • Added vclipboard to Surface Medic
    • Added AEK-971 (currently unobtainable weapon, will be made obtainable in the future
    • Added ARX-160, FHR-40, AEK-971 to skinnable weapons in /skins

      Aligned vguns iron-sights for;
    • Prokolot
    • P320

      Aligned vguns sights for;
    • MP5A4
    • SVD
    • HK UMP
    • Orsis T-5000
    • HK 417

    • Fixed M240b being held upside down
    • Changed DSR damage 150 > 275

      Typhoon-12 changes;
    • RPM reduced from 200 to 170
    • Recoil: increased from 10 to 15
    • Recoil ADS: increased from 1.5 to 10
    • Spread: Increased from 0.1 to 0.5
    • Spread ADS: increased from 0.05 to 0.15

      Job Changes:
    • Renamed IT Specialist to IT Technician
    • Changed job prefix from Specialist to Technician
    • added Typhoon-12 to Containment Specialist
    • Added 2023 Civil Networks pixel high quality AI upscaled GPT-4 details to DOEA playermodel shoulder logo
    • Updated D-Class Type-Blue model to be identical to the normal Class-D model

    • Fixed incorrect tag used on D-Class jobs that caused TYPE-BLUE and other jobs to be able to see comms
    • Fixed UNGOC Thaumatologist unable to access missions.
    • Fixed CI Type Blue unable to access missions.
    • Fixed UNGOC Thaumatologist receiving foundation alerts.
    • Fixed Foundation medbay reception phone to accept calls.

    • Swapped CI-TYPE BLUE CL4 keycard -> CL3 keycard (GAMMA rank job)
    • Foundation Thaumatologist now has the same printer credit cooldown as Sr. Researcher

    • Updated description of Chief of Security
    • Updated description of Director of Medicine
    • Updated description of Site Manager
    • Updated description of Site Advisor
    • Updated description of Director of Intelligence
    • Updated description of Director of Research

    • Added "SurfaceJob" flag to CI Type Blue to no longer receive foundation announcements
    • Added "Unstable Decay" to CI Type Blue which will occur after 1 hour and 30 minutes
    • Added "unstable decay" to D-Class Type Blue which will occur after 45 minutes

    • Updated CI Commander promotion level to 29, can now target LTCOM
    • Updated CI LTCOM promotion level to 28, can now target MCOM
    • Updated CI MCOM promotion level to 27, can now target BCOM

    • Increased ERT health from 400 -> 600
    • ERT now spawn with Scranton Reality Anchors

    • Fixed sort order of GOC MAJ to be above GOC CPT (USA)

      Credits System
    • Added crediting to the following;
      Eligible Jobs:
    • Operative, Agent, Senior Agent, and Special Agent
      Crediting Jobs:
    • Special Agent, Agency Manager, Deputy Director, Director
      Approving Jobs:
    • Special Agent, Agency Manager, Deputy Director, Director, SA, O5, Ethics
      XP Amount (without VIP):
    • 600 Combat
    • Foundation Thaumatologist can now credit D-Class, GENSEC and Medical.
    • SA, O5, Ethics can now credit Department of External Affairs up to Agency Manager (Combat XP)
    • SA, O5, Ethics can now credit Deputy Director and Director of External Affairs (Support XP)
    • Director of Research can now credit all research jobs (Research XP)

      Model Updates:
    • Added 2 new heads for D-Class
    • Added LOD meshes for D-Class
    • Fixed physics mesh on all D-class models
    • Updated Nu-7 Operative model
    • Updated Nu-7 Medic model
    • Updated Nu-7 Specialist model
    • Updated Nu-7 Autorifleman model
    • Updated Nu-7 Marksman model
    • Updated Nu-7 Officer model
    • Updated Nu-7 Commander model

      New/Changed Models for:
    • New Model for External Affairs Agent
    • External Affairs Operative
    • Director of External Affairs
    • External Affairs Agency Manager

      Reality Bending:
    • Removed weapon switch delay from Reality Bending swep
    • Removed Reality Bending swep from weapon checker illegal weapons
    • Added Scraton Reality Anchor to Containment Specialists
    • Added Kant Counter to UNGOC Thaumatologist
    • Changed minimum HP to be invulnerable to reality bending instakill abilities from 251 HP to 250 HP
    • Reduced dispenser cooldown for Scranton Reality Anchors from 30 minutes -> 15 minutes
    • Both are 300 energy reality benders, requiring the TYPE-GREEN package
    • Added max range of 2500 units to reality bender targeting
    • Reality benders can no longer use the Escape Card ability when inside, or very close to, a containment chamber
    • Reality benders now regenerate energy slower when < 64 players are in-game
    • Scales with playercount: 16 players = 25% regen rate, 32 players = 50%, 64+ players = 100%, etc

      Increased Scranton Reality Anchor range:
    • TYPE-GREEN: Suppression range increased from 250 -> 400
    • TYPE-BLUE: Suppression range increased from 750 -> 800
    • Thaumatologist: Suppression range increased from 1500 -> 1600

      VComputer DEA Changes:
    • Renamed "Intelligence Introduction: -> "External Affairs Introduction"
    • Updated "External Affairs Introduction" to include Surface and Operations Agencies, and to also remove any mentions of the old Intelligence Department

      SCP Changes:
    • SCP breach tools now have a 3 minute delay after spawn or breach before they can be used
    • After spawn/recontain, SCP-7722's crossbow ammo is now set to 10 bolts instead of 200 bolts
    • Increased average time between breaches in the schedule by 40%
    • Removed one-slot breaches from breach queue schedule - all breaches will now be two/three SCPs.
    • Average SCPs per breach changed from ~1.5 SCPs per breach currently to ~2.15 SCPs per breach in the new system, 40% increase
    • First breach of the day (or first breach after restart/crash) will always be a 1-SCP breach
    • Added small chance for a second 1-SCP breach each day

      Surface Changes:
    • Increased Ranger slots from 5 -> 6
    • Added 'Elastic Restraint' weapon to the Ranger job
    • Added Syringe to Surface Medic job
    • Added a Medical Cabinet in the Pinewood Medical Centre
    • Changed Gun Dealer & Heavy Gun Dealer bodygroups to be more distinctive from normal Citizens
    • Added new spawns for Heavy Gun Dealers

?️ Bugfixes?️

General Fixes:
  • Fixed purchases of the SCP - TYPE-GREEN package not showing notifications in chat
  • Fixed SCP-RP UK being stuck on old dispenser config due to a duplicate lua file
  • Fixed Scranton Reality Anchors having a 30 minute instead of a 15 minute dispenser cooldown
  • Fixed SCP-457 kills not being credited/logged correctly
  • Scranton Reality Anchors no longer collide with players when placed
  • Updated collision rules for certain SCPs to try to reduce the likelihood of physics engine crashes / server crashes
  • Updated UI and fixed bug with notifications where it would spam when searching models.
  • Fixed DEA personnel with drone controllers being unable to purchase drones in the F4 menu
  • Fixed SCIPnet not working
  • Changed s_epineprhine recipe to no longer overlap with another chemical
  • Changed s_liquid_anima recipe
  • Fixed A-1 gloves having a missing texture

    Abilities (Reality Bending):
  • Fixed being able to revive head explode victims
  • Abilities are removed upon death
  • Fixed inversion halo being visible through walls
  • Fixed exploding head causing crashes (DM me if it crashes again after restart)
  • Fixed inversion ability sometimes going higher than 2x max HP
  • Fixed SCP-035 possession of reality benders resulting in an incorrect amount of reality bending energy
  • Fixed inversion ability healing capping at 200 instead of 2x the reality bender's spawn HP
  • Fixed a couple of exploits with reality bending
  • Fixed dissolve & ignite abilities not crediting/logging the kill for the reality benders
  • Fixed reality benders being suppressed from a distance 10x larger than intended

❌ Removed Features ❌

  • Removed Features:
    • Removed Department of Intelligence & associated jobs
    • Removed MTF Beta-1 & associated jobs
    • Removed nitroglycerine from SCP-914 output

    • Removed Intelligence Directories:
    • foundation/site_65/departments/intelligence foundation/site_65/departments/intelligence/operation_reports

? Rules Changes ?

  • Rule Changes

    Multiple Section Changes
    • Edited and Added new rules to Section 3 -> 7 on the "SCP-RP Rules | Civil Networks"

      New Staff Rulings
    • [ 1.05 Double Cuffing ] - You may only double cuff a player if they are going to be arrested and put in jail.
    • [ 2.18 SCP-914 Misuse ] - The use of SCP-914 is permitted within reason; however, the mass-production of weapons using the machine, be it for self-interest or supplying a Faction, is FailRP.
    General Rule Changes
    • [ 2.4(c) Interrogation Rules ] - Replaced [Intellegence] with [External Affairs]

    • [ 3.2(a) Foundation Raiding ] - Foundation MTF personnel can raid the CI and UNGOC Base when authorised by MTF Nu-7 Commander, External Affairs Agency Manager+, or Site Administration e.g (O5, Ethics, Site Director/Advisor). (To include Agency Managers+)

    • [ 4.3 Combative Personnel ] - To include the Department of External Affairs.

    • [ 4.1 Global Base Hierarchy ]
      - Replaced [Intellegence] with [External Affairs]
      - Added [Special Agent] under the same section as Jr. CL4
      - Added [Agency Manager] under the same section as Sr. CL4

    • Modified Rule 1.4 to include Containment Specialists and Combat Medics to be exempt from NLR if they died to an SCP during a breach

    • Transferred from SCP-RP Staff Rulings, to the main ruleset with revisions - Notably allowing sampling of an SCP be per group, instead of server-wide
    [ 1.28 Sampling Limit ] - Players, per group, may only sample 3 liters of any item from one SCP every 30 minutes. (A group being per department, MTF unit, and Factions like UNGOC/CI)

    • Transferred from SCP-RP Staff Rulings, to the main ruleset. (This was already a pre-existing rule)
    1.20(b) Code Names - If you use a code name (e.g. John "Cloak" Smith), the following rules apply: Code names should be 1 word and must be a real word, a portmanteau of two real words, or a place name, and must be something sensible. The exception to this is for O5 Council Members, who may have a longer codename without a real name.

    • Edited rules [ 2.8 ] and [ 6.5 ]

    [ 6.5 - SCP Camping ]
    - From: SCPs may not camp any area, including containment chambers and checkpoints, unless forced due to ERT turrets and shields, for longer than 10 minutes.

    - To: SCPs may not camp any area, including containment chambers and checkpoints, unless forced due to ERT turrets and shields, for longer than 5 minutes.

    [ 2.8 Positions Limits ] - You may only, across all your characters:
    - From: Hold an MTF position along with either a GOC or CI position. You can not hold a CI and GOC position at the same time.

    - To: Be a member in two out of three of: MTF, CI, or GOC.
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