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Mar 18, 2021
What does this suggestion change/add/remove:
Implement a new vehicle, perhaps a LAV or truck, of which increases cap rate on a point by a fixed amount.

Has something similar been suggested before?:


Possible Positives of the suggestion (At least 2):
Bring more strategy and tactics to leading wars.
Could add diversity to gameplay in wars wars, like trying to defend the vehicle to get a point faster in conquest wars.

Possible Negatives of the suggestion:

Could perhaps lead to points being gained to quickly, or a reliance on these vehicles, but they could be strategized well and with tweaking could become a good element to war tactics.

Based on the Positives & Negatives, why should this suggestion be accepted:
I believe my suggestion should be accepted as implementing a vehicles like this will require more strategy and thinking from both sides, which may lead to both sides making tactics for wars more often. They could be a good high risk high reward implementation to the server that prioritises forward thinking. I believe if it had a cooldown similar to HIMARs/SCUDs it could even out potential balance problems and can be used to push points well.
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Michael J

Civil Gamers Expert
Jan 8, 2021

although i think it would be better to maybe just let HQ's have that ability because its already a high priority for the enemy to destroy and also i think the extra cap rate should also depend of the numbers, like so a high number faction side could not just have a x3 cap rate vehicle on it. For more balancing mabye they could do it as only the losing side of conquest could get access to one of those vehicles to make it more fair.


MRP War Criminal
Dec 24, 2020
Suggestion Accepted

Hi Sly, Your suggestion has been accepted.

I'm not directly accepting your suggestion, but what I will do is I will look into the vehicles on all sides and evaluate if some of them needs to be cleared or changed. We might add new vehicles, we might not, I will have a look at this when I get the time and balance things out.

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